Sweet Haunting

As I catch a wink at the witching hour

Fallen between cracks of a new realm

Thoroughly consumed by the duskiness within

A none bosom friend punches the clock

Nailed within unfamiliar destination and scene

Allowing  my imagination to run wild with you

Are you aware that your haunting me again?

How come I am bewitched by the likes of you?

A nameless intruder whom I don’t wish to know

Forcing myself  to gain consciousness

To break away from your loving caress

Nonetheless, my loneliness brings me back

To a wonderful but unreal world of fantasy land

I closed my eyes to be reunited with you

Wondering how long this will last in my head

Perhaps, part of me wants to be with you

(If you’ll find me in the world of the living, please be with me and don’t say that I’m wrong.  I’m so tired with all the mistakes.  Please, get out from my head!)

by the Archies “Sugar Sugar”


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