Not what you’d think, Gorgeous❤️

Turn my bad day into something productive… How awful it could be!!! Penalty and deductions due to system error!!! There’s no misfortune on the of Pentecost!!!

Let’s put this way… it’s the church’s birthday. I occupied myself decorating for my niece’s birthday tomorrow

By Billie Ellish “Everything I Wanted”

Goodnight, Gorgeous ❤️😊

14344 & miss yah❤️💋🥰 God bless!!!

See you!!

I had a dream
I got everything I wanted
Not what you’d think
And if I’m being honest

Some people indeed… the bullies even those in authorities… My prayers for George Floyd!!! I should how it felt… racism is real!!! May justice prevails!!!

Let’s dream big, Gorgeous ❤️

Today is the last day of the retreat… Thanks to Father Terrence, OFC and ICP for organising❤️😊 To God all the glory!!! Thanks for recharging me!!!
I am called to serve.
What are my gifts as a Catechist? What are my dreams for the kids and myself? How do I feed my sheep? Well, Gorgeous… let’s dream big!!! Let’s lift them all to the Lord🙏🏻
What a fruitful and meaningful day filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit!!! Blessed me Holy Spirit and grant me the gifts of knowledge, fortitude and wisdom 👼🏼😊❤️😍
Today is my brother’s birthday. But we couldn’t join him and his family for dinner. So my mother cooked some food for them. My sister-in-law drove to pick the food. She also gave me my forever love and soulmate … Monkey D Luffy. My brother and sister-in-law also gave a new pair of shoes and handbag.

Good night, Gorgeous!!! May the gifts of the Holy Spirit be upon you too❤️😊👼🏼 God bless!!! I love you and miss you with all my heart!!! See you!!!

Sweet dreams❤️😍😘

What a GAP, Gorgeous!!!

ECQ mood with my fattening and indolent routine. Feed me! My made-up piggy complex. Oink 🐷 After eating, 🛏 😴 💤 My mental mediation, in my dreams!!! Seriously??? This is not I wanna be!!!

Punch these chubby cheeks, Gorgeous! Wake me up in this bad pandemic dream. Have I lost my purpose??? Nope, this can’t be??? No way? With all these laziness, I forgot my fair share of vanity.

Oh no! My dentist advised me to wear retainers two years ago to correct my bite especially the teeth at lower portion inside my mouth. But I was embarrassed of wearing it especially when there was one nasty comment from an elderly colleague who noticed it (despite me wearing it occasionally and I forgot to take it out during lunchtime). No need to spell it for me because I know… Yes, I’m too old!!! I had it when I was 18… certainly don’t want retainers again… not anymore with my age now!!!

When I looked at my teeth the other day… OMG such embarrassing gaps!!! Oh my, the gaps are unknowingly getting farther!!! No! No! What choice do I have? Hence, whether I liked it or not… I have to wear it… My dentist was obviously right, Gorgeous!!!

Oral care is for everyone, Gorgeous!!! Age always doesn’t matter. I am ashamed of the gaps of my teeth… That’s why I don’t smile with my teeth out… Well, I have to live with this flaw and won’t care what others will say…

What a GAP! Does it matter??! It’s who we are and what’s in the heart matter the most. Have a blessed day! Good night! Don’t you know that ILYVM & IMY2. Sweet dreams! God bless! See yah!

You’re my galaxy, Gorgeous!

by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande “Rain on Me”

Livin’ in a world where no one’s innocent
Oh, but at least we try, mmm
Gotta live my truth, not keep it bottled in
So I don’t lose my mind, baby, yeah

Not because I didn’t say a word or commented to those green dialogues, I am totally dumb or absolutely innocent.  I had my fair share of unfavorable curiosities that pulled me closer to the devil’s lair.  Those were the days when I convinced myself that I could deal with my darkness.  Lo and behold! The dexterous Satan dispatched his obnoxious minion.  Then, I purposely plunged into the trap.  It was erroneous in many angles but at least I gave it a shot.  There was no looking back or feeling sorry on something that no magic could undo. No turning back… strictly no time traveling allowed!   Furthermore, I must lived in the truth of my oversights because lying about it wouldn’t give me a visa or a reservation in heaven.  All the in-denials would somehow project an image of a pretentious angel on the surface. Yet, if you would look closely, no more bright halo only huge unseen horns.  Who am I trying to fool, Gorgeous? Why keep the lies bottled inside? For what? Piling all the negativeness will only increase my guilt that is suffocating.  Indeed, it will certainly drive me insane… I don’t want to lose my mind, Gorgeous!

No need to discuss further for those were the days when I wanted to be distant from God and wanted things done my ways.  I was enslaved with the ways of the world.  In addition to that, for me being religious sounded funny, nerdy and ridiculous.  Many years folded, I reformed and transformed.  Thanks to the people whom God sent to save me from falling out of grace.  In all the twists and turns of my existence, it’s my faith that rescued me from all my downfalls.

It rained almost the entire day.  Hence, my past time on playing with the formation of the clouds was substituted with song of the raindrops.  Did the rain make me lonesome? Partly, yes!  But, it became a song to remember because it always rained in many days of the past literally and figuratively in your presence.  Moreover, the memories with you kept on flashing back like a movie playing in my head.  Your thoughts and presence were unstoppable, it rained on me continuously.

Gorgeous, I hope you will read this and I won’t mind if you’ll laugh at my silliness.  It’s alright.  One thing for sure, I don’t talk so much but I know more. I don’t say a lot but I am never that naive.  I don’t brag about my sins but I am never a saint.  Each day I am struggling to keep my holiness intact because the demons inside won’t give up on breaking free.  How do I deal with that? I pray.  I keep on praying and there are times when I pray in tears.  Honestly Gorgeous, I am no different from the rest of the world.  Thus, I need God’s guidance in my life and also the intercessions of angels and saints to keep me on the right track. If I’ll disregard them for a split of second, in just a snap of the finger, I will surely do notorious deeds. Satan is just at the corner, looking out for the opportunity to trick me once more.  So, help me dear God!

Gorgeous, only those with God in the Celestial city  sinned no more. Similar to both of us, those who are living on earth are prone to sins. Gorgeous, we’re humans after all and we are bound to our imperfections.  Thus, forgive me for my faults and my nasty thoughts.  I may not or deliberately did them in some occasions … I am very sorry….In addition, remember that I am always missing you and forevermore loving you.

Good night, Gorgeous! God bless! May the good Lord, bless and take us from the incorrect ways of the world! And your memories will RAIN ON ME in my sleep… The queen is back Gorgeous… I love Lady Gaga! (you know that). The collab with Ariana Grande was superb! (I’m out of words!!!) No wonder it is still reigning among all the trending videos on YouTube even after almost a week of its release! Good night, Gorgeous!!! Rain on me and I’ll rain in you too… Take note, you’re my galaxy! Sweet dreams!!!

A little consideration, Gorgeous♥️

A little consideration please… please stop the insults and ridicules. Not because you’re at the top of the ladder, you can just freely step down and spit on others below and under.  Don’t be so comfortable where you are for the reality of the matter the world goes round and round. PS the wheel of fortune keeps on turning. According to Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation, whatever goes up will definitely go down.  Can you fight that? Just saying … Gorgeous, do you still remember?

What stopping me from allowing Jesus to calm down the storms in my life? For the third day of the retreat, I reflected on that question… What’s stopping me??? Perhaps, there are still so many unsettled turbulence within that blocked Jesus from calming my storm.

Gorgeous, even past is in the past, I am still grateful of all those mixed feelings I had then.  I could have forgotten how it felt… but there are feelings that always linger within, which are already embedded in my system.  Gorgeous, if you’re upset, annoyed and lonely… always remember that I never get tired of praying for  you.  Call me, the most foolish being in the world. Nevertheless, it is fine with me because my faith and hope will never cease. I don’t owe the world explanations and justifications… that’s how it is!!!

ILYSM, Gorgeous!!! xoxo miss u xoxo!!! God bless!!! Good night!!! Sweet Dreams! See yah!

At the Starbucks built in our hearts, Gorgeous ❤️🥰😍

Retreat Day 2
Lyrics Queen of Hearts by Ezra Furma

By Ezra Furman “The Queen of Hearts”

We’ll be miles and miles apart
I’ve got my own search and I’m still just at the start
I’ll be out on the highways looking for my counterpart❤️♥️

LOL❤️👼🏼💋 Gud nyt😍 God bless🙏🏻 Sweet dreams, Gorgeous👼🏼💋♥️ See yah👋😋

In the Middle of the Storm, Gorgeous

The storm is strong

What did I do wrong

I am complaining

Jesus is sleeping

Everyday I am praying

Is someone listening?

Gorgeous, God has a way

The day is ours today

No more dreaming

Only loving and living

Jesus, my king, wake up!

Take me out from my trap

You’re not snoring

All my life You’re watching

I’m too busy to bother

Too distant to even care

Chances are never wasted

Gorgeous, blessed those who waited!!!

Today is the first day of Catechists’ online retreat. God bless you, Gorgeous ❤️👼🏼 Good night! See you! I

😘 xoxo 💋 Gorgeous ❤️

Lemonade for you, Gorgeous!


When life gives you lemons, let’s make a lemonade!!!

Gorgeous, my apologies for not writing for quite some time. I was not a downer lately. On the contrary, I was occupied especially making the final video for my catechism L4 kids. I don’t have any video editor software. So, I ended using PowerPoint to create a photo montage clip…. old-fashioned ways are still useful somehow! What do you know???

Last session of the term… see you after June kids! The attendance was almost perfect, only 1 child wasn’t around ❤️ May the Holy Spirit bless them! You too, Gorgeous. May the Spirit of God shines upon you too❤️ Till we all meet again!!!

Tonight I’ll sing my songs again
I’ll play the game and pretend
But all my words come back to me
In shades of mediocrity
Like emptiness in harmony
I need someone to comfort me

By Song by Simon & Garfunkel “Homeward Bound”

Today is Ascension Sunday. Jesus ascended to heaven. He is home in heaven where all of us are going. Gorgeous, good night! Sweet dreams! I see you every day and everywhere. Last few nights were amazing!

Have a blessed day! ILYSM and miss you too❤️😍🥰 See you!!!

It’s Christmas on May, Gorgeous!!!! :)


You know what Gorgeous, I wish to wake up when all of this over.  All I can do is wish that last Christmas never ended.  I recall how I pestered people with my Christmas carol singing in the tune of ‘Feliz Navidad’.  I gave presents with a humorous twist. I was truly happy that Christmas and for that single day, I temporarily deleted in my head, the fact that I am the one going— (despite that harshness, I reserved that day to be happy).  I made that choice to be merry. What do you know, Gorgeous?

If the root of millions of people suffering is Satan, he must be one bad ass devil to cause the jitters and hysteria everywhere.  Wow, it has been five months!!! What a loss! Hey, wait… not only me! I’m  just one of the millions left with nothing but never hopeless.  Lucky you, Gorgeous! Really??? We have our individual issues to deal with and mine is just so trivial compared to others… Thank God for providing the needs of my family.  Go ahead, Satan fire the bullets! Jesus is my shield and my family is my shelter.  Then, even if I am hiding from the face of the earth and wishing to disappear, I am never out of friends.  Blessed me even I feel undeserving with those saintly and angelic people!!!

Gorgeous underneath the summer heat, I looked daily outside the balcony.  The assorted formations of the clouds always catch my sight and trigger my imagination.  I can invent stories by staring blankly at the clouds.  There are times when I giggled at my naughtiness. Forgive me, Lord! Pardon me, Gorgeous!

While reflecting and formulating my justifications to my friend for this Saturday’s last e-Catechism session, it occurred to me that no devil can cover the world in total darkness.  In that simple thought, there’s that warmth in my heart bringing out my genuine smile.  Whatever you’ll think and say Gorgeous, the light of Jesus  keeps shining the brightest same as it shines last Christmas!  Despite the longings and gloominess, I cried for joy.  ‘Hey, Gorgeous! It’s Christmas time in May!’  Happy summer Christmas, Gorgeous!

Good night, Gorgeous! Merry Christmas! Smile same way as you smiled that day (undeniably, I spread joy that day and I poked your heart and no one will remember and give you gifts as weird as I did.  It’s the thought that always count.  I always wanted to make your day even if you rejected me in several occasions. When you’ll age and be left alone, you will know how my silliness, generosity, sincerity, thoughtfulness and prayers … and many to mention…do matter). Today is no different.  I love and miss you as always.

God bless you! Ooops, got to go!!! It’s time to say my prayers for you and to many more!!! Remember always, I do. It’s true. Sweet dreams!

Gorgeous, my all from nothing

I have nothing but I am willing to give my all.  I can only speak briefly today because the burdens seemed unbearable.

Dearest Lord,

I have nothing.  I have no riches to offer You but I willingly give all my talents to You for that’s all I have. I also offer to You, my wits, heart and soul. I hope that is enough for You.  One day, I will take the leap of faith. Sooner, I can go for pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

gorgeous 2

Dearest Gorgeous,

I have nothing.  I don’t have collection of branded goods. I haven’t traveled in cruise and touched American or European soils.  In addition, I am not born with silver spoon. Proudly, I claim that I’m an ordinary woman and not a head turner.  I am obviously unknown.  However, I am willing to give everything I am to you (as you please). Rest assured that you are always included in my prayers.


Are you sleeping, Gorgeous?

thank you.cute

Whether the side comments were mockeries or sympathies, what were the differences when prejudices slipped away based upon personal perceptions for whatever society’s norms imposed? Will our predicaments put us to sleep in peace or will they be buzzing in our ears to keep us up till the sunshine is on duty? Are you sleeping Gorgeous?  It brings me joy that you don’t have the inability to sleep soundly and you can just hit the bed with a snap of the fingers.

Gorgeous, a lot of people will say that what a pitiful soul! The words such as unrequited, unrecognized, unappreciated and undesired surely strike as being adverse. On the contrary, those words are only for those who can stand on the ground with heads up high underneath the shades.  Actually, only the dauntless can withstand such negativeness for they don’t rely on positive expectations, dependencies on others and constantly looking forward for approval of the masses.  Come on Gorgeous, who need that? A number of them do but I am one of the few who is not giving a damn.

Gorgeous, the saints whom inspired me are not equal to God for they banished in the face of the world.  They are unknowns unlike the social media influencers and celebrities with millions of followers in so many social media platforms.  The truth of the matter, goodness and truthfulness are not something to announce, brag and parade for everybody to know.  Sincere prayers are done in seclusion and closed doors.  Good deeds are usually done in the silence of the night when the rest of the world is already asleep.

Are you asleep, Gorgeous for until now you still don’t know? Of course, who wants to read a lengthy composition? Boring.  IG & FB stories feed are interesting.  Tik Tok, Snapchat, tweets, YouTube and those live shows are something everyone looking forward concealing the fact that there are some with poorly constructed details and totally nonsense.  Gorgeous, what happened to the lessons in grammar and literature? Are they replaced with altered images online and superficial facades perfected by money? Well, I’m an old school… it’s something that isn’t me!


Gorgeous, are you sleeping? Later, I will be with you in my mind.  Good night, Gorgeous!


Don’t stay up playing games! Take a good rest!  Take care and God bless! Sweet dreams, Gorgeous!!!

Cry Out, Gorgeous!

dogSeemingly submerged in the whirlpool of something unheard-of that barred so many wanderers.  Like so many all over the globe, they too are forced to grab the chair and just knock off.  Thereupon, all expeditions standstill for us to pause and be indebted with the simplicity of the world perceiving that fame, gold and vanity are unnecessary for survival.

emoji carter

Gorgeous, hold your horses! Trust me, it’s alright to cry out.  Where can we look for our fears? Is it in Creepypasta where the faceless Slender man seemingly exist? Gorgeous, what scared us are not the Boogeyman or the Grimm Reaper, which defining the narratives of our corrupted imaginations courtesy to the accessible misinformation online.  Are we effortlessly persuaded with the influence of others rather than our discretion from our inner voices of truth? The spine-chilling fact is that we permit outside forces get into our nerves.  As a result, throwing out through the window a rare & precious diamond replaced by some rocks that are available everywhere even at the junkyards.

Gorgeous, what can I say, we are all victims of circumstances susceptible to the virus hosting in our minds.  Nevertheless, in our vulnerabilities and flaws, we realized that only God is perfect.  Henceforth, our imperfections connected us to one another because no man is an island.  Again, Gorgeous it’s alright.  Cry out!  No judgement and criticisms, only acceptance and virtual hugs of love.  Everyone has been there, one way or another.  The birds and the bees can wait.  Of course, in time.

Gorgeous, hope these words have wings and reach your mind to ease you from whatever messed up life.  May these words give you tranquility and assurance that the Divine protection is with you 24/7.

Gorgeous, xoxo! You know that I love you! See you!  Good night! God bless!

你好 👋 Gorgeous ❤️

This is the new me❤️ Modest and simple.  NO high heels always strolling barefooted and wearing same dress everytime.  I don’t worry with what to wear anymore!!!
This is the timeline that I worked hard for today’s e-Catechism session. The presence of our ministry leader put me a lot of pressure during the session. Mental blackout!!!
Hello Sisters… said James Charles who’s artistry is truly lit. Zoom prayer meeting with our HH.
Dinner time! Tasty shrimp!!!


‘We can all see that many good things are not obtained’. It was a joke and accidental but true. So, in my exhaustion and the wreck of my heart, I lift everything to God. Above everything else, I want to be all in all with Him in Parousia.  My father always reminded me when he was alive stating ‘let’s bring a lot of people to heaven or let’s be all together in heaven!’.  He was a pious and enlightened man.  Who could argue with that? I am totally nothing compared to him but my smile resembled his.  I owed my big cheeks to his genes.

Ni hao, Gorgeous! It’s quite sometime but I am always a patient woman suppressing my needs for I chose the path less taken.  I miss and love you raise to the power of infinity.  I hope you’re doing absolutely and perfectly fine because you’re always in my prayers.  Don’t go to the underworld because I will go to the depths of hell to rescue you like Chris Nielsen (Robin Williams’ character  in the movie “What Dreams May Come”) and Orpheus (who is he? I pity the millennials for not being in touch with Greek mythology and literature anymore) did. Certainly going hell and back for you!
hell back

Good night, Gorgeous! Sleep tight!

The gift of love, Gorgeous!

present by the twins

I was the worst growing up.  I was never an easy child to rear. I am a two-face because I am a charming little girl with a cute smile outside but a little devil at home (when I am not in the mood especially about school). I gave both my parents hard times.  Honestly, I was not very closed to my mother growing up because I am radical and logical while she was too naive and easily fooled by others.  Perhaps, our personalities clashed.  Me and my mother were like two opposite poles of the magnet. 

Meanwhile, my mother at her tender age had no father supporting her.  Worst of it all, she had to confront the challenges of life on her own for the family because my grandmother suffered depression after my grandfather and uncle passed away (which was like months apart and she just gave birth by that time).  On the other hand, in that same age, my concern was what were the ways to be kicked out or eliminated from my secondary school and rebuked my scholarship.  I hated the demands of maintaining the grades, long school hours, many extracurricular activities, inter-class and school competitions, projects and daily quizzes.  Plus, I couldn’t last more than two hours of studying and my weekends must be no school works day. Of course, I didn’t let those grades ruined my young life. On top of that, I couldn’t run away from my classmate’s requests that I should be involved in something.  I was a good team player, who said I didn’t know how to cooperate? (Professor Severus Snape’s daughters must be imagining things.)

Truthfully, all I cared at that age was reading books and comics, watched TV soap operas, Sailor Moon, X-men and Disney movies, collecting X-Men cards and obsessing over local basketball players.  What did I know about real-life problems?  What did I know of my mother’s hardships?

because you loved me


father robin

father crispus

Indeed, in this darkness that I am facing now, my mother was there for me.  The community locked down became my comfort zone because my mother is there to cook delicious meals and she insisted on washing our clothes.  Thank you, Mama for always being proud of me even if I failed you many times.  I am sorry for being me but I hope that I made you smile sometimes.

I attended the St Mary of Angels online mass.  I just couldn’t help on crying the version of the friar’s “Because You Loved Me” by Celine Dion.  I also shared to my Mama Friar Michael’s homily about what great influenced her mother was to him.

I greeted the mothers of my L4 kids and also my friends in the church. Happy Mother’s Day to your Mama, Gorgeous! You are who you are because she loved you too. A blessed day Gorgeous! God bless! Good night❤️♥️😍

(There are Little Devils, Gorgeous!) Gratefulness Over Complaints

Friar Crispus

Father Crispus was absolutely right on pointing out that God is present in many good works particularly in this time of pandemic.  I could live with what he said for I totally get Philip’s frustration too on seeing God. Indeed,  it was not really easy to grasp the tangible mystery of the trinity, three persona in one: God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Yes, I have been a catechist for a very long time but my knowledge about God and the Holy Bible is still considered so little. In other words, in my faith journey, I am nurturing my wisdom about God and strengthening my relationship with Him.

09 May Catechism

This afternoon’s session, I shared to my L4 kids about the journey of Moses starting when he divided the Red Sea for the Israelites to cross because the Egyptians were pursuing them.  I wanted to extend the time.  However, I needed to rush on something urgent that I am already committed.  I told the kids that the Israelites complained a lot despite seeing the amazing wonders of God through Moses.  Likewise, I am no different to them.

I complained countless times in my life about so many things.  Then, the recent incident was about those little devils sent by the prince of darkness to hinder me from progress.  Gorgeous, how I wish to be as entertaining as Dora the Explorer! The prejudices of those little devils are only heard.  Thanks to this  one-sided  policy, the triumph was theirs! God bless their souls!!!

Furthermore, despite of my complaints, I am truly grateful with all my blessings from God.  I even shared to my L4 kids about the inspiring story of Inky Johnson who lost his chance of becoming a NFL football star for his right hand was permanently paralyzed.  Yet, the incident became a blessing in disguise because it brought him closer to God and he gave inspirations to so many people.  In tragedy there’s triumph, Gorgeous!

Regretfully, I complained several times and maybe in counting.  Nevertheless, I have never forgotten to say ‘thank you’ to the Lord for being my strength in overcoming all the shortcomings.


An indescribable fragrant scent awakened me and it was just after two hours when I went to bed.  I stayed up all night and slept around 2.30am because I had to complete my slides for this afternoon’s session.  Well, I might not comprehend what that scent all about… one thing for sure… I complain a hundred times but I am thankful a billion times billion.

Gorgeous, I never complained about you despite of what I knew and found out.  This may turned to be sour for those looking happy endings fanatics.  I am still good with this situation because I am more free here to express what I can’t say to you. If I ever do, you refused to listen anyway.  The day will come that you’ll uncover the harshest ways what Polyvinyl chlorides (PVC) are made of—-  See, I told you so….

Gorgeous, rest assured… I mean what I said… it sounds redundant but I love repeating those words a billion times billion times. Good night, Gorgeous! Take care and see you! God bless!!!

8 is as 8 is, Gorgeous!

So are you happy now?
Finally happy now, are you?
Well, I’m exactly the same
I think I’ve lost everything
Everything comes as it pleases and leaves without a goodbye
Like this, I don’t want to love anything
Where the sun has set, as far as the sun sets
I travel in those memories

There is no such thing as decided farewells
Meet me in that memory that was once beautiful
Forever young

Lyrics IU – 에잇 (eight) ft. Suga (English Translation)

By IU feat Suga “Eight”

This love meant to last. Not an obsession nor a trend, not because of the pressure and for social media status. This love is not superficial or for the trophy. 8 is as 8 is…

Today is the feast day of Saint Joseph, our parish church’s patron saint. Dear Saint Joseph, I pray 8 on 8👼🏼😘 Despite the standards, this modern world sets,I still value my beauty inside nurtured by faith and love and tested by ill-fate and challenging times.

I’m not cool. I don’t show off tattoos on my back with dyed hair. I don’t have a skinny body to parade in IG. I am just an ordinary plump woman who loves you extraordinarily. Today is eight and my love is to the eight.

Gorgeous, I will never be an IG influencer and I can’t afford luxury things. Someday you’ll know who’s always true and those who are visible can easily be blown by the wind. You can never hold on those who can’t stand in the storm.

I thank God for being me because I don’t have to keep up and step on others just to feel secure. I thank all the angels and saints especially Saint Joseph for interceding in my prayers. Remember, my dearest Gorgeous that the cruelties and injustice of this world will never reach the celestial city. Will good looks, race and wealth matter when you’re already dead?

Gorgeous, I hope that you’ll find these words someday. It’s 8❤️ you know what 8 means… Take care. Always loving you sincerely. I miss you. Goodnight & God bless! May St Joseph watch over you too🙏🏻👼🏼🥰

Am insane? Why?

♥️ 8 is as 8 is ❤️

A Simple Present, Gorgeous

There’s no penny in my wallet

My bank account is empty

I am not earning anymore

But my heart remains the same

No brushes and water colour

Old crayons & scratch paper

Drawing what I can’t afford

Gorgeous, they can take my job

But never my wits and faith in God

My thoughtfulness unchanged

Generosity isn’t about money

Sharing something priceless

No amount of cash can equal

Tomorrow is my nephew’s birthday. He loves Sonic so much. I can’t get him a toy. Here’s my simple present… something to make him smile and let him know that I remember his special day🎁
I always remember people’s birthday even if they choose to forget mine. Didn’t I always make you special, Gorgeous? Too bad, you’re always looking at them… ignoring the cornerstone rejected by many.
Good night, Gorgeous. I hope that you will run across this… may you can hear my sweet angels this time not the noise of the world…
Sweet dreams! Always find it in your heart that I deeply care. I will wait for you at the Gate of Heaven. See you. Remember that I miss and love you very much ❤️🥰😍♥️👼🏼

Joyous Day, Gorgeous 🥰😊😆

Through Zoom, I taught my niece how to make a DIY puppet dog.
Through Zoom, we celebrated my niece’s birthday together despite the enhanced community quarantine.
Happy birthday to my pretty niece! We had fun and enjoyed the food. We even shared to the frontliners in our community.
Gorgeous you’re invited! Enjoy the taste of our homemade local delicacies served on the banana leaves 😂
Good night, Gorgeous! Have a blessed day! Xoxo u know that I love u!!! Miss you, Gorgeous ❤️
Sweet dreams!!! See u😘🥰😍

Who is Fired, Gorgeous?

This is the art of being fired. Seriously? Why me? Certainly the loud bang those pals of Judas blasted on me indeed cut me out directly to the core. As a result, I thought that the scar would drag me to isolation, all the way to Mars. Nonetheless, that episode only added to the colourful formula in my life.
I told my brother that I am broke. He said, ‘you’re not broke, it’s not just the same as before.”

Well, isn’t that bad. How these cute images lighten my day! Gorgeous, I miss you but someday we’ll know why these things happened to us. In distance, I prayed more for you… no longer those little prayers. Good night! God bless!!! L❤️L!!! See you later!!!

Red 🚨!!! Who is fired my dearest Gorgeous?

Gorgeous, Let’s Dance Underneath the Summer Rain!

Thank God it rained. Mama & Papa believed that the first rain on May would make your skin glow. I’m not sure about that but it was a fun memory on how they would wake me & my siblings to wash our faces with the rainwater.
Mama was still doing it and he kept on mentioning how Papa brought that family tradition to us. Whether true or not, it was one of those memories that made our childhood days colourful.
Don’t you love the rain, Gorgeous? Come, my dear! There’s no need to be shy! I dare you, let’s dance underneath the summer rain!

I just laughed out loud when my Mama brought back that unique tradition. Wow! It was really been ages since I laughed with the rain. For the past two years of my life, I cried most of the time even it wasn’t raining. Nowadays, I am just all the smiles and laughs. However, part of me keeps on thinking of you. As if there is something in me that has been marked and possessed by you. There was this unbreakable chain that tied me to you, Gorgeous❤️🥰
The truth of the matter that there were several occasions when I wanted to reach out in many ways. I am holding my horses for I didn’t want to be a nuisance. I only wanted to bring joy and share my smiles not the other way around. Gorgeous, just be happy. See you❤️👌 In my many hopes, your laughter won’t just ring in my head but also into my ears and your no longer a speck in my dreams but someone I can touch and kiss.
Quarantine is fattening! My mother’s homemade whole roasted chicken. Wanna try Gorgeous? Maybe soon. Good night and sleep tight! Sweet dreams❤️🥰

It started in Nile, Gorgeous

I suggested to my friend that we should swop our session. However, she didn’t get me. Well, it was a good break for she handled the two sessions. So, I was unable to use the presentation I made that I finished passed 2am. Subsequently, she agreed to let my kids do the activity I prepared for them to journal.

The e-Cathecism session is very long for it was the life of Moses. And so Moses’ story started when his mother put him inside a baker floating at Nile River.

Gorgeous, the Nile River is in Egypt. Will you mind going to the desert? Hey, I am cool sweating under the sun. Miss you talking— I cab still hear you in my head.

My Pride & Prejudice, Gorgeous

Thank you very much, Saint Joseph for interceding in this tragic situation of mine. Indeed, in losing treasures that I gained wisdom from the harsh lessons in life.

I remembered my late grandmother for she always gave the Holy Family statue as a wedding present despite her scarcity of cash. I asked her why. According to her, she wished that the families of those newlyweds would build be modelled after the Holy Family.

Hence, my young heart by that time wished to have one. Growing up, I am oftentimes told what were the values a great woman should acquire as the matriarch of the home blessed by God. My father instilled in me to be like the Blessed Virgin Mary and follow her footsteps. Those teachings are obsolete for the millennials. Nonetheless, I still live by that because my one-time disobedience brought me to few seconds of bliss and half a decade in hell. Moreover, I was told for several occasions that I had potentials being an admirable homemaker. Definitely, with God’s guidance and in His will.

Furthermore, having a convenient home was very important for me, so I invested on properties. Oftentimes, I am aware how I am judged as extravagant who spent my little earnings on shoes and clothes (on sale & pre-loved). They knew nothing. Similar with the ants, I saved too for the rainy days. What do they know, Gorgeous?

Gorgeous, it is alright to be constantly rejected and to remain on my own. The God whom I have faith with, only gave the best and what I deserved. I had my versions of pride and prejudices in the past. However, with my hunger of God’s love, I slowly outgrown them.

Gorgeous, you also have your pride and prejudices. May Saint Joseph intercede for you too. Gorgeous, I never left even if you were one of those who rejoiced when I was kicked out. None of you cared, what would become of me and how much the scars of that misfortune seemed deadly within! The likes of you could overlook me and it wounded me as if a thousand daggers pierced my gentle heart.

Through my prayers to Saint Joseph, I opened my eyes that there was nothing wrong with me. Then, I have other talents to aid my survival not only in monetary aspects but in terms of my mental and emotional dilemmas. I coped with all of them because of Heavenly’s assistance. After all, it was never late for me…

Gorgeous, ask them how much they cherished you? Ask them again in your worst if they are still around to give you the answers. Will those related in blood be there not only in funeral but through tides and storms? Are friends worst than Judas Iscariot or Poncius Pilate?

Ask me. Aren’t my writings and unsolicited devotion and loyalty won’t justify the answer? I don’t have to spell out everything because aside from talking, I can write too. (The lack of action is the choice you gave me. Therefore, all I am left to do is to keep you in my prayers three times daily.)

L❤️L God bless🙏🏻 👋 See u…

Gorgeous, a tremendous, 哈哈 today…

The strings of boredom and anxiety it might be or the overflowing arrogance of mental prowess that pointed the fingers on me fragmentising the reverence within. Alternatively, I could let off the hook and take hike to the cosmos of stagnation. Gorgeous, would that resolve the matter of my contention?

According to Friar Crispus, one of the Franciscan priests of the Church of Saint Mary of Angels, all of us have our crosses and the innocents are no exemption. As we walked along the way, our cross would never be lighter, it would keep on increasing and eventually multiply. Hence, I prayed to have the courage of St Mark and so that no roars of lions and their cubs would be menaces of my aspirations.

To sum up today, I became the entertainer and playmate. And little angels reminded me to laugh everything out. Gorgeous, a tremendous, 哈哈 today…

Gorgeous, 哈哈 today…

When was the last time you laughed heartily and so loudly, Gorgeous? Same time as I used to recall… Even the most those tender and spotless could wreck our spirits. Worry not, Gorgeous… all is well!

哈哈 Gorgeous! 😂 lol. Not coz this is all a joke. LOL…Lots Of Love for I deeply care for your happiness. Good night. Take care! God bless!

All is well!!👌See you♥️👼🏼😍 哈哈!😚😆😁

I am not ashamed of my shapelessness, blemishes, big pores, oily face and fats. This is not about of me but the ART of ❤️ My expression of gratitude, happiness and inspiration👼🏼😍… In addition, true words are indeed what lies beneath unseen by all of which I exclusively share with the residents of the Celestial City including Papa!!! Papa always knew, Gorgeous❤️😍😘

I choose you, Gorgeous ❤️

All of my life
I thought I was right
Looking for something new
Stuck in my ways
Like old-fashioned days
But all the roads led me to you

By Alessia Cara ‘I Choose’ (ost The Willoughbys, Netflix original movies)

Who wouldn’t love them? A fun and tearjerker animated movie… Good job, Netflix! I love the movie.

Goodnight, Gorgeous! Always remember that I choose you!!! God bless! See you tonight!

I slept around 3am to finish preparing for this afternoon’s e-Cathecism. The session was about the Rite of Baptism.
Local homemade delicacy -Shakoy
My certified faddist brother procured a new pair of Nike Air Force 1. Honestly, I miss my shoes dear Lord.

What are you feeling today, Gorgeous!!!

My series of emoticon drawings using crayons look so photogenic! Truthfully and in reality, they’re awfully coloured.

Wow! I only used crayons when I was in Grade Six. During high school, pastel was the popular medium for drawing. In college, I hated my drawing subject. Well, in my Engineering drawing class, it was a must requirement to use either Rotring or Staedtler ink pens: 0.2, 0.4 & 0.6. In addition to my grievances was carrying that annoying big tracing tube plus the T-square that was almost half my height. FYI, my pens were passed down from my older brother and I eventually destroyed them even at the beginning of the semester. Obviously, it was my fault. So, I didn’t request my father to buy a new set. Besides, it was a minor subject anyway. So, to complete my drawings, I used my charm and thick skin to borrow from my classmates even I didn’t want to actually befriend them (at first and by that time). I always wanted to be on my own and in my thoughts, I believed that no one bothered that I even existed. Nonetheless, reality was a far cry from what I imagined. Anyway, the first lesson in drawing was to draw the alphabets. Seriously! Chicken, right? But, I failed! Again, I had my clever ways to make it through. Moreover, I despised drawing since then… I never really had a collection of my drawings. Even in my primary days, I only drew to save money from buying postcards for school projects. I only drew for school requirements and as other people’s requests. Sometimes I’d get treats or money in exchange of my aids. It was not even my hobby. I’d rather read and write than draw then. However, in my mind, I just knew that I could draw and do more with my hands. I could. I did. I will.

Hey, is this about my non-art fanatic days turned into an artist wannabe?

Gorgeous, what are you feeling today?

Don’t be sad for it’s not your style. You have everything under control and all is fine with you contrary to my fate. Be happy, Gorgeous for you are very blessed and lucky. Don’t be tired if they put so much weight on your shoulder. Come on, I firmly believe that you are not only physically strong but emotionally & mentally too! Be always excited! Don’t let any virus put away that flame within you. Keep being gorgeously hot!!! Keep burning!!!

Gorgeous, whatever there is… I am still grounded in my faith. It was a mix emotion today. But, I got my love for God and everyone especially for you. So, what’s with the melancholy! God will always be there for us! Trust me, Jesus didn’t ascend to heaven to forget about us. He’s in Heaven so that we cannot only have a portion of Him but to give everything He is to all mankind. Jesus shines within us all Gorgeous❤️🙏🏻👼🏼

God bless, Gorgeous!!! I’m still writing my love letter. It will be finished soon. Good night!!! See you tomorrow!!! Love and miss you🥰🤣😘

Gorgeous, it begins with a letter…

And so no matter wherever I am, there’s no escaping to that clasp of yours that’s already anchored in my heart & soul… I never wished to return to yesterday because that was worst tragedy of my life… why return to where so many snakes expiring and plenty of prickling flowers not blossoming… So much for the make believe Garden of Eden!
Gorgeous, God always knows what’s the best! I trust in His plans even I have nothing. My high heels gave me comfort but with barefoot I found peace! Material things don’t bring contentment only greediness, lust and pride.
Gorgeous, I was composing my love letter but I am not in the right frame of my mind. Forgive me for the delay!
Good night! See you😍😘

My stone cold heart, Gorgeous

Perhaps, God allowed the entry of those snakes so that I would return to who I used to be. Didn’t I wish to be the old me again? Wish granted! Only I forgot to add my high heels in that wish.

Having not a single dime made me feel that I don’t belong to my friends anymore. Likewise, my seclusion gave me solitude. Aloofness wasn’t my choice. The exile was the verdict of the snakes. Watch out dearie because you might swallow your venom…. of all people those snakes should know Jesus’ greatest maxim. I wonder, if they meant those praise & worships coming out from their mouth?

This quarantine isn’t the end of me. Thank you Lord for constantly sending me angels to remind me how great though art. Didn’t you send your Blessed Mother to end the dominion of those snakes? Soon is near to each one of them!

My funny stick man digital doodle reminiscing that hunk by the window with the scents of his coffee and cigar already embedded in my head. Gorgeous, see it’s not that I never bothered or didn’t care. You’re just lucky to be happy and still have it all. Although I am somewhere located in the globe, nothing has changed. Perhaps, part of being me is my stone cold heart… shutdown… Surviving matters… this is my fight song!!!

Gorgeous, not even a minute. I kept on looking at that funny profile pic to brighten me each day… greeting it pretending that you’ve heard me. I am exhausted with life that’s the reason I clasped God’s hand tightly because He loves more that He will never allow me to fall out of grace again.

Gorgeous, in this stone cold heart written only your name. If I can’t tell you ‘I love you now’ maybe be when we’ll reach in heaven you’ll finally listen.

Good night! See you!!! May God protect you always! My prayers are your shield you from any threats!!!

Gorgeous, Stay Safe!

I was about to channel my inner St Valentine, scribbling the most romantic letter you ever read but there are many things that got into my way. First, I had my Catechism session to prepare and stayed up passed 3 am today. Thanks St Joseph for answering my prayers. I adore your holy name. You really did wonders in all us!!! A great thanks for giving me hopes. May the Holy Spirit bestow upon me the gifts of joy and courage all the time。

Anyway this one was especially made for you!!!

I don’t have much time for now but it doesn’t I ever forgot you. Not ever a split of seconds.

I love and miss you… God is within us. He never fails but always provides. See you later 👋

Hurray! Cheers! Pizza for dinner!!! Wait, am I paying for these? 🤔🥱😮😲😵

Gorgeous, there’s magic in the future

Worries-free, Gorgeous! Chill! Expect the unexpected!

The future is not ours to hold… don’t be glum because today turned out sour. Believe it or not that there’s magic in the future. A genius little girl said that there would be flying cars in the future and it would be magical because it looked so small but with many compartments inside. Not only that, the flying magic car has embedded weapons ready for fighting. I miss the beautiful minds of the children… full of hopes & optimism plus unlimited creativity and innovation… Always thinking outside the box!!! It’s great to be a child again reading Roald Dahl’s dark child fictions. I really missed James and the Giant Peach.

No turning back only moving forward 😀

Thank you, Gorgeous for being the most gorgeous… those words will never ever grow old. You are forever 21❤️😍 See you each day!

Gorgeous, what’s trisomy?

I prayed the Novena to St Anthony with the Franciscan friars of the Church of Saint Mary Angels. The Novena centred on seeking God’s mercy particularly in troubled times in this pandemic.

Gorgeous, this pandemic took many lives and livelihoods. However, it will never take away my faith even if there are so many who exclaimed hopelessness and nothingness. I will always stand by God for He always provide.

I heard the word trisomy from a girl because she claimed to have it.

When I browsed the meaning, the definition melted my heart. Trisomy is a condition in which an extra copy of a chromosome is present in the cell nuclei, causing developmental abnormalities.

Trisomy: The presence of three copies of a chromosome rather than the normal two. The most common trisomies in newborns are trisomy 13 (Patau syndrome), trisomy 18 (Edwards syndrome), and trisomy 21(Down syndrome).

So, who am I to judge? Each of us is born precious, one of the kind. Hence, no one is superior from the other. Everyone has special gifts to showcase and uniquely beautiful in Heaven’s eyes. Stop judging and shaming others for their undesirable features or flaws. The next time you’ll do it look closely at the mirror for a long time. The mirror doesn’t lie because you see the world as a reflection of yourself. When you’re scorned at others for they’re facets are ill-favoured to your sight. My apologies for breaking it to you, that’s you whom you are criticising and mocking. You are who you see in others🥰 Hence, the joke is actually on you!!!

On the side note, take Amanda Bynes for example who stirred a feud with Rihanna on Twitter last 2013 by calling her ugly on numerous tweets. Take note, Rihanna is a beauty and makeup mogul and influencer, founder of my most wanted cosmetics line Fenty Beauty. She is an award-winning singer and had been a top artist in Billboard for several occasions. On the other hand, Amanda Bynes used to be a child star but with her face morphing horribly due to substance abuse and surgery has no more movie projects or shows in Hollywood even indie films producers don’t hire her. So, I am wondering the term ugly best suited to describe who? Who is who? You are who you judged. Hopefully, Amanda’s life will turn around for the best in the present.

The most wonderful thing that happened today was when I was told that I am funny. Hey, this is who I used to be—- perky & wacky me!!!😜😂🤣 See, Gorgeous, I am not boring! (Never was and never will be again!!! 😚😘🙃😉) I am always the hilarious and jolly one. Nonetheless, you always seen me negatively. I am not toiling. I was evicted and rejected… all over again. With God’s grace, I accepted my fate with ecstatic heart.

Exasperated. Good night, Gorgeous. Thanks for your appearance. G2G!!! C U!!!😘 Miss U! 💋🥰 Luv Yah♥️😍 God bless U, Gorgeous 🙏🏻👼🏼

Puto may… sticky rice with raisins, meat and hotdog

My Happy Pill, Gorgeous❤️

Going down and nowhere on top but I am happy experiencing the lockdown due to the pandemic with my family for my presence kept them intact. Somehow, I am quite hilarious, so I brightened up their days and made them laugh & smile. I am back to being cheerful and happy me! I don’t need my high heels and fancy shoes… barefooted for the whole day Long…. when was the last time I’ve worn my high heels? Oh, my… it has been very Long—-
These were the most beautiful drawings that I received for the longest time. My birthday present!!! Hehey! Oops, I forgot that my birthday was few months ago. Delay was alright, Lord. I felt so joyful like it was my birthday when I was a little girl.

Thank you, my ever dearest Father and Saviour for bringing back my old self (which others tried to destroy). Thank You for reminding me that You heard me, weeping each night and broken-hearted most of the time. I was casted out but you found away to restore me as the cornerstone. I am very shallow, Lord for receiving like this, is truly my happy pill.
This remind me so much of that cute boyish smiles and the cool trendy hairstyles of yours that I truly missed. Didn’t I tell that you’re my happy pill too? Howdy? What you’ve been up to lately? It has been so long since then… The thoughts of you mean the world to me… anyway, GOODNIGHT!!! See you tomorrow!!! XOXO… you know, I love you very much💋 😘 XOXO

🤔 Sweet Potato Sugary Fries for snacks. Fattening??? Indeed, it was!!! I am fat—-VERY FAT!!! It’s alright for my mama told me that it’s all about the BASS, no treble. If others want to sleep with a flat stick and stones rather than with a soft pillow and a diamond at nights, I have no issue with other’s preferences 😂🤣

The Empty Tomb, Gorgeous❤️👼🏼

Before anything else, Happy Easter to you, my ever dearest Gorgeous! Definitely you’re in the mood for celebration… and so are we, miles away… tasty 😋 spaghetti & humba with eggs were on the table for lunch!!! We didn’t go hunting for Easter eggs, we cooked them and ate them with gusto 😂🤣Gorgeous, we had a feast for Christ, our King has risen out of the tomb!!! It’s a celebration!!! You’re always invited!!!
I drew the 15 stations on a rush the other day. Then, I drew the 14th station, as the last one because the Sepulchre scene was the saddest and required more details. So, I decided on drawing the outside of the tomb instead of the inside because I didn’t have so much time to observe in recreating the scene. When I uploaded the image I took during our home-based observation of the Stations of the Cross, I realised that among all the photos that I took that day, this one was somewhat glowing… what were the odds, Gorgeous!

By the way, Gorgeous, I woke up rejoicing because of you and thank God I had the longest nap.

Aside from that, I almost got perfect… I should have trusted my instincts and wits and didn’t rely on my careless writings. I noticed that something was off but I still went on picking the incorrect choice. Well, 92 & 98 were not bad! I could have perfected it!!! Me and my carelessness!!! My brother even commented that I am so clumsy. They were alarmed because I fell in the restroom and broke two glass plates (and all our food were wasted) and I didn’t tell them that I hurt myself when I opened the balcony’s glass door! Thanks to my angels because I wasn’t badly harmed and all the aches lasted like a few seconds only.
The Empty Tomb

Empty streets
Empty pubs
Empty casinos
Empty wallets

And empty tomb!

It’s alright
Why worry?

Why so distress?
Are you Mary?
Trust in Him

Jesus has risen
Conquered death
He’s not there

He lives in us
No one in that tomb!

The empty tomb
Brings hope
In the darkness
Shines His light

His Spirit in us all!!!

It was said that your worth is only validated when you’re gone. Finally, they realised that they’d chosen stones over a precious gem.

Those who were good in talking and feeling important… always pretending to be occupied… you can’t hide that stinky smell forever… what’s their worth now?

Rejoice for justice is finally mine and it isn’t my greatest regret!

Thank you Lord, for the feeling of satisfaction & happiness. I am relief!!!

Thanks for emptying my tomb! Hope you, too Gorgeous! Dear Lord, watch over Gorgeous all the time!!! See you again, Gorgeous❤️😘

Keeping Up with Traditions, Gorgeous!

Be extra creative for the Lord!!!

Although we are still in lockdown and strictly not allowed for any form of gathering, my family still managed to keep our Christian tradition. We did the Station of the Cross. I drew all 15 stations in a rush and spread them all over the lower level of our house. Thanks to my family for being cooperative and also for participating in the prayers with reverence.
Snack time on Black Saturday!!! Don’t feel bad, Gorgeous! Cheer up!!! See you tomorrow!!! See you always! I’ll share some… you know that I am never selfish. I am not angry or upset at anyone. I am just ashamed because I failed and was rejected. So, I am kind of sad… but God always cheer me up! Be happy too, Gorgeous!!! Don’t get mad today, just think of my fat face… it looks hilarious 😂 By the way, you always have that cutest boyish smile and smirk, Gorgeous! So, never be angry and sad on any days of the week🥰😊❤️
Miss you!!!
Xoxo 💋 you that I always 💓 U

My Little Share, Gorgeous ❤️🙏🏻

The only food for today for my little share of sacrifice to the greater pain of Jesus, the suffering servant.
Remember, Gorgeous that on Good Friday, Jesus offered His life to cleanse the world. Moreover, my sacrifice for the day was nothing compared what He had to bear. Gorgeous, on His cross was our salvation. Why be enslaved with worldly pleasures, Gorgeous? Why allow culture and traditions dictate your happiness? Why so trapped with what others’ think? Jesus already set us free!!! Why chose to be chained when you have your freedom? This pandemic is temporary, Gorgeous. Why be so scared of the one that will only go? Gorgeous, you may not understand how depth God’s love with your complex thinking. Admit it, the more we acquired earthly knowledge, the shallower we become… Gorgeous, this is not about religion but it’s having faith in the Divine, using our free will without endangering others and choose love and goodness all the time. That was Jesus showed to us on the cross, Gorgeous.

See you, tomorrow… forever Gorgeous you! Cast on the cross all your worries… I never left…. always here wishing you well❤️😘🥰

I’m called to wash with love, Gorgeous ❤️♥️💋

Maunday Thursday gospel reflection with the Franciscan friars in St Mary of Angels Church’s YouTube channel.

The Franciscan friars reenacting Jesus washing the apostles’ feet.

Gorgeous, I’m exhausted but being tired is a great feeling because I pulled everything through with a big smile. Gorgeous, I am my Master’s servant. So, like His example, I am willing to wash anyone’s feet with all humility… especially yours Gorgeous. You might think that I only utter empty words, beyond you know the one who shamelessly written truthful texts is the heart filled with clarity and pureness. My Father who gives me life, sees everything and knows that my transcribed words meant no harm but with honesty & sincerity. All the hatred will not matter because God is with me and with you too, Gorgeous. Watch out, Gorgeous? Are they willing to wash your feet? What’s with the physical body when it will deform with age and will be fed to the parasites? Take care of your soul for it’s what will remain with you for eternity. Good night, Gorgeous! Take care and I love you so. My prayers are with you. See you… so many words to say but I am too torn to think and write more.

我为你祈祷, 华丽 (Gorgeous)

禱告 Dao gao (I pray)

禱 告, 因 為 你 的 愛
I pray, for I need your love

dǎo gào yin wèi nǐ di ài

我为你祈祷, 华丽… I always include you in my prayers Gorgeous. Remember, you are always loved. If the Almighty Father didn’t raise the white flag, should I give up on you, Gorgeous??? See you tomorrow! Bring that boyish smiles of yours in my dreams. I love and miss you, Gorgeous. Till we meet again… Good night and I always pray for you🙏🏻❤️
Who is Judas? I am. Why I am of any difference? How many times I turned my back from the Lord when life becomes tough? Didn’t I deny Him by prioritising material things over Him? Did I rely on my shoes and clothes for my merriment? I went on my ways and left Jesus at the corner, only reserved as my in case of emergency. Didn’t I switch off my wisdom because I was scared of the thought that I would age solely wandering the earth? Didn’t I trade my virtues for sins because I lost faith in His time? I was as selfish as Judas too. However, I am still very fortunate because Jesus never let go of me. Judas, had no second chance but I do have. I fell in the pit of hopelessness but Jesus reached out His hand and brought me out to light others too.
These photos made my heart leapt with true delight. I am doing bible daily reflection and I ran across the Church of Mary Angels YouTube Channel. I remembered these friars and they were brothers when I met them 2 years ago in my Mission trip in Cambodia. I was acquainted with Friar Crispus because we painted the mural at the sink together. He even told me then that he was not a good artist but he could colour and he did his best to help me. His friend even took photos of both us while doing our work. It was quite awkward… I didn’t like posing for pictures with people I barely knew. Anyway, I got over it instantly because they were men of God. But, I forgot his name. When I reflected with him last Tuesday, I thought that the young friar was cute with his neat hairstyle and he looked very familiar. Then, before I slept, after the mass with Bishop Barron and listening to Archbishop William Goh’s gospel reflection, I clicked on the Wednesday’ Bible readings with Friar Robin. Of course, I didn’t forget him because he was the artist and his mural art was the best and he was so pro. With his expertise, I even hesitated to admit that I did briefly study Western Art. Friar Robin shared with me way back then, that he was so restless when he joined the seminary. Hence, one of the elder priests advised him to do some artworks for diversions even if he was an engineer by degree. Eureka! It did occur to me that I knew who Friar Crispus was but I just forgot his name. He even told me that he was well travelled before joining the seminary and where he came from, and where he and the rest were staying in SG. Of course, I didn’t take those words by heart. It was Friar Crispus who was very chatty. After my Cambodia trip, I shared my experience in the Mission with a friend. She told me that the brothers were the ideal men. I replied to her, “come on, they are already called to be followers of God. I don’t get it why anyone will ever desire what is already meant for God and who already submit themselves to the Almighty” Honestly, it never crossed my heart that I was even attracted to any of them even for a little. “I pray that one day they become priests,” I added. There were seven brothers of the Franciscan Order who joined that Mission. When I saw three of them in YouTube sharing their reflections, it was like as I forecasted and my prayers were answered too. It was my truest joy for that chance and brief encounters with the chosen shepherds of the Lord. May they reach to so many lost souls to the feet of the suffering servant, Jesus Christ. (images were screen grab from the respective YouTube channels)

Loving with no reservations, Gorgeous

Mary washed Jesus’ feet with expensive perfume and her tears; and then, wiped them with her hair. She was not abashed to show how profusely she loved Jesus. In addition to that, it didn’t bother her what Judas Iscariot said that the cost of the perfume was equivalent to a month’s wage. Mary’s love for Jesus was so great that she didn’t calculate how much she spent and how others would bash her actions.

How about them, Gorgeous? Can they love without expecting or computing the cost? I am aware of what was said about me then. I only pretended to be deaf of all the mockeries because in my heart I am being truthful same as what Mary was. I shared my time and the little that I had. However, you overlooked and ignored the good deeds I displayed because you were so hooked with others’ opinions and what was expected by culture, society and norms. Despite of that, I remained to be who I am because there was no embarrassment for the one who loves without reservations… for I love you, Gorgeous… lavishly, abundantly and zealously. Too bad, you refused to see that… but, in your heart… you did and you always will… How much they love you Gorgeous according to their claims? Can anyone of them do what Mary did? Will they love you more that what I was able to do or can do?

There were so many humiliations in front and behind spoken against me, I never complained or said a word. I did my best not to retaliate because Jesus suffered worst. Gorgeous in this Holy Tuesday, I cried while seeking forgiveness as I reflected God’s words. How could I enjoy that last meal when the snakes were everywhere? Nonetheless, I lifted at that moment when I felt so much pain inside knowing I was ditched just like that as if I never did anything nor contributed something for the good of all. I prayed for courage to respond to those people whom I cherished and always part of me. I was always true to myself and accepted and loved everyone around me. My tears while praying we’re converted into stars. Gorgeous, God is with us… let’s meet Jesus together someday. See you soon!!! Have a blessed day, Gorgeous!!! Remember in all your existence, none of them will say “ I love you without reservations” and actually mean it. I may write it for now but I mean it more than anyone else can… I can say it to you, in the time you’ll listen not only with your ears but also with your 💓❤️😍
Tonight’s dinner: sardine cheese sandwich

Want some, Gorgeous?

Well, one of those days I prepared for everyone… this one was indeed super unhealthy for afternoon snacks😂🤣 But the 1kg fries was not enough for us! What an appetite!!! Being stuck… so, unhealthy! Yet, I uncovered, my caring, nurturing and thoughtful nature for the service of all. Want some, Gorgeous? I may not be out there but I tried my best to keep up with the fight. Gorgeous, see you soon! It’s late now… take a good rest for tomorrow is brighter as always! I am not sleeping yet for I have to pray the rosary and attend the daily online mass. I am keeping everyone in my prayers and of course I won’t miss you, Gorgeous. 🙏🏻😘👼🏼

Have you eaten those little Apple, Gorgeous♥️

Palm Sunday without palms. Our local priests advised that we should used alternative leaves. My sister found these leaves of locally known as Manzanitas plant also known as little Apple. The mass was longer and I am totally worn out that I dozed off during the homily of the online mass. I’m definitely dead beat, Gorgeous!
See, I am out of words to say but never out of art for you. Hope you will see how cute this one is… wait, I loved you but I still love you and continuously will… Goodnight, Gorgeous!!! Hope you’re not as exhausted as I am🙏🏻 God bless🙏🏻❤️👼🏼

I can wash your feet too, Gorgeous!

During e-Catechism today, I shared with the kids in my session about ‘Jesus Washing His Disciples’ Feet’. After the scripture reading, I explained the events with visual images on my slides. One child told me that Jesus took the initiative of washing His disciples’ feet because their feet were dirty and stinky. Moreover, I shared with everyone that there was deeper meaning to that gesture.
Jesus knew His death was coming and He was indirectly telling His disciples that His blood would cleanse them from their sins except the one who betrayed Him that was Judas Iscariot. Hence,I relayed to the children that Jesus taught in His gesture about His great love for mankind. He also displayed the virtue of humility because He was the King among kings. Yet, he willingly did what the lowest among the servants would do. Lastly, he showed us the essence of quality service with the willingness of the heart.

I asked the children the following questions: ‘do you serve as Jesus served and do you love as Jesus loved?’ My mother was listening to me while I was conducting the online session for more than an hour that the children were very active, interactive and they participated. With all honestly, it was quite challenging who was who because a lot of them wanted to answer. Thanks dear Jesus that the children really comprehended your message to them.

The activity involved washing the feet of your family members. So, I showed the children the gesture by washing my mother and my niece’s feet. Majority of the kids of my session did the gesture together with their parents. Even I am unable to wash your feet, Gorgeous, I kept you in my prayers. Take note similar to Jesus, I love you with all humility, submissiveness and with the willingness to serve you wholeheartedly.

This afternoon was my niece and nephew’s birthday celebration. The local government said avoid gathering and you couldn’t go against it because the police and armed officers are everywhere because of the community quarantine. Take note that there’s a strict curfew that we ought to abide. If you would dare challenge it, face jail time or pay a huge amount for a fine. Worst scenario would be called to the office of the mayor or other local government officials. Nowadays, you can just anyhow express your opinions against the government at any online platforms because the government officials would surely run after you. Anyway, my cousin didn’t have a party for the kids and so her husband just drove all the way to our place and delivered the supposed to be party food to us.

Hay! Gorgeous, this will end very soon. Keep safe! See you soon!!!

Oh wait, Gorgeous 🥰

Dearest Gorgeous,

Whatever we decide, it’s ours to live and no one’s business. Are we obliged to narrate the events of our days to announce that we’re triumphant and jubilant? Gorgeous, what are the measurements of success and happiness? How long the disco lights will last in the hands of the pandemic? Can we bring gold and wealth in afterlife? What’s the use of the good looks and hot bodies when they either be burned or left to rot six feet under?

Gorgeous, the crisis of the world taught me to accept my fate and be at ease. All my high heels are of no use, now. I don’t have to plan what to wear and I repeat my clothes. Nonetheless, in the simplest and tiniest thing I found joy and what’s truly essential. Gorgeous, the day will come you’ll fully understand what I mean.

Oh wait, Gorgeous!!! I love… I love you raise to the power of infinity. See you, Gorgeous! Save your energy for soon is so near! Don’t worry, patience is one of my many virtues 🙏🏻 Good night and the sweetest dreams may upon us tonight!!! We’ll mate… ooops🤣😂… I mean meet as always❤️

Do you know Chinese Kung Fu, Gorgeous?

How could I cope up with that? I aspired going to the topmost but such little misunderstanding caused me so much. My mood for the day was totally down. So, I slept a lot and checked the little timing allocated for me.

I was not in my maximum level of energy today. After my prayers and attending Bishop Barron’s online daily mass, I went back to bed drowning in my frustrations. Then, I found you in the shower… was it an invitation? I would never hesitate….

Ok! Back to reality check, Gorgeous… I couldn’t reconcile in my thoughts… how it was possible. Anyway, I am still out of words to say as my response for my thoughts were elsewhere. Since I had only so little… I was able to do plan my Catechism session for Saturday and watched Princess Mononoke in Netflix.

Then, I saw the cute and bubbly face of little Sam, my evening lightened up. When I was about to go, Tom exclaimed, “Wait!” I was wondering if there was some important queries or something amiss. Indeed, Tom asked me something, “do you know Chinese Kung Fu?” And showed his hilarious moves. I laughed heartily and loudly after the longest time. Thanks to Sam and Tom for cheering my gloomy day.

Gorgeous, I’m sorry for choosing to be mute. I didn’t ignore your appreciation. In fact, it made me smile for your happiness matters to me. Gorgeous, thank you for your existence for it is where I found my little guilty pleasure in my dreams, fantasies and imaginations. You just don’t have any idea what I mean…

Good night, see you!!! May God bless you🙏🏻👼🏼

With little that I have, Gorgeous!

I am stuck from the beginning thriving from rock bottom. So, what face should I show my friends? There were a lot who were been a part in different times of my life who were looking for me especially my friends and classmates in high school. Come on, I have nothing against them, Gorgeous. Many of them were wonderful people including those boys who used to piss me. During secondary days, many of them accepted and seen the best in me that I wasn’t aware existed. I had friends who motivated me to come out from the shadow of my inferiority complex. I was put on the spotlight, not to be shamed but for me to appreciate that I deserved my spot as one of the academic scholars in our school. I was all my worst… lazy, anti-social, tardy and aloof… However, many of my batch mates chose not to see that fake side of me… They were aware that I am more that and so they always found ways to get me out from hiding…

And yet, despite their efforts… I chose to be distant because I am nowhere on top. Climbing from the ground was very difficult for the glaring sun made the uppermost view blurry. God knows how much I valued and treasured the people who were and are part of my life, one way or another. I am very grateful for all the good and bad things. I never envied, hated nor questioned anyone because I accepted my fate and who I am.

Isn’t if funny??? I indeed got what I wanted. I am back to be jolly and always smiling… and never getting angry. Nonetheless, I couldn’t shoutout to all my friends that I am happy this way. Suddenly, the computations hit me… why so little? The ads were all false… Nonetheless, this pandemic taught me humility, faithfulness and gratefulness. Gorgeous, you just had no idea… how truly blessed you were. I’m sorry… I just tossed my phone after prayer in the morning and use it only in the evening. It was so late read the messages. Besides, I am Super clumsy today breaking two glass plates and accidentally throwing my sister’s drink on the floor. My mother had her superstitions but I believed in the grace from Heaven more than anything else.

Gorgeous, don’t blame me for being calculative, I was trained to compute during my five years in engineering. The computations brought my spirit down. However, a little angel sent me the anime image above. I honestly don’t understand what is the message on the image but it brought back joy in my heart. A young cute boy reminded me so much about you. He told me that he suffered of losing the chance of getting the limited edition of Nike Airforce 1. I forgot which design was sold out. How about you, did you manage to get a pair?

There were many times that I wished for you to ran across this page. However, I’m truly grateful that you didn’t and never will because I’m afraid this probably piss you and you might be disgusted with my words… my apologies, then… Likewise, no matter how I am judged, I know deep inside that I am truthful and pure… when I say that I genuinely and truly love and miss you… it is written from my heart. Millennials may not appreciate my old school ways, I’m good with that because I have so much love for God and others too. Others can fake their affections and showing it off extremely… However, I chose my silence because the quietest ocean is the deepest… how deep is my love, Gorgeous? I have nothing, Gorgeous… But little with what I had, I shared and kept my word. I have no physical youthful beauty to parade. I only have a young spirit that will never age and a beauty only skin deep.

Good night and sweet dreams, Gorgeous!!! See you! Hoping that I brought happiness in your heart today!!! Wishing that I made your day same as what that little girl’s cute image did to me❤️😍😘. LOL, Gorgeous!!! Lots Of Love❤️♥️💋

🤣😂 screen grabbed from Ellen😂🤣

Gorgeous, Will I find you after wandering?

Fat vs fab. It’s true that some men only look at physical appearances. Then, those who are skinny and all bones are considered attractive and pleasing. Nonetheless, in the eyes of God, none of the outside beauty matters because on Judgement Day God only beholds the beauty of the soul. There are people who can’t see but what’s inside matter the most. Hence, I’m fine being judged negatively with regards my looks because I know my heart perceives goodness and I am wrapped with only genuine and pure intentions. Let the witches and snakes spread out and feast on their short-lived victories. Be careful not to be poisoned either with the apple or the venom. Gorgeous, worry not because battalion of angels are with you. I keep on praying for you and also your love ones.

By Raon Lee “Start of Something Right” (ost of Red Shoes & the 7 Dwarfs)

See you for we’ll find each other for God knows best😍❤️🥰 Sleep tight & take care all the time.

Gorgeous, I’m delighted to feel tired

I’m super exhausted. But it’s a good thing. Slowly I’m thinking, not just slacking, sleeping or playing games. It’s a great feeling actually!!! Gorgeous, I am really tired to the max! How about you my darling, Gorgeous? Are you not exhausted of that same old routine? Hey, anything additional? It’s alright if there’s more compensation… in such world, only the people of the land are the beneficiaries… Well, these days will pass Gorgeous!!!

I am really tired but it is a delightful feeling deep within!!! Thanks Saint Joseph and Saint Jude for interceding in my prayers.

See you again soon! I really miss you. I do. Good night, sweet dreams!

By Calum Scott “You’re the Reason”

A candle of hope, Gorgeous

Dearest Gorgeous,

I am not out there and I misunderstood things that I lost so much with little gain. Starting from scrap, what a crap!!! The unlearning is so surreal… I felt like losing my footing. Hey, Gorgeous thanks that I am rooting for you❤️😍 Waking up in a bliss because you’re all over my head. Gosh, Gorgeous… I hope I didn’t make you tired with all of that… Can we do the 💃🏾 salsa? Me and you, just us around the universe…

My itchiness is reigning over me. But, hey, Gorgeous don’t forget to pray. Let’s light the candle of hope that the world may surpass this trial. The Heavenly Father will always have our backs. Let’s never lost hope, Gorgeous. These days of gloominess will pass and come to an end. Have faith🙏🏻

Good night, Gorgeous. May my light of hope shine upon you… forevermore. See you😍🥰😘

Gorgeous Star

Don’t let them treat you like a boy

Cutenesses overload, not a toy

You’re the most Gorgeous Star

Shining the brightest even from afar

My Gorgeous Star, I love you so

It’s not a lie for always I truly do❤️

My predicaments are countless

My little pleasures are endless

Kissing my Gorgeous Star every night

Never let go, always holding tight

My Gorgeous Star the road is ours

Come let’s tango for many hours😘😍🥰

Pope Francis said, “why are you afraid?

Don’t you trust the Heavenly’s aid?”

Abraham never doubted the Lord

He never even questioned His word

My Gorgeous Star God always provide

Don’t be scared and let us not hide

Come, let two into one, be united

No more walls, no longer divided!

My Gorgeous Star, you’re twinkling

In my heart, my true love’s unchanging

Happy as the bee… may happiness be with you! Don’t forget to laugh and smile my Gorgeous Star!

Thanks St Joseph for I got stars… my Gorgeous Star brought me luck!!!

By the way, don’t tell them that pic made me laugh all the time…. thanks for the cheer! You just had no idea!!! Psst… it’s a secret, you would never know anyway😂😊🤣

Our Lonely Guns, Gorgeous

She gave him all he wanted
She said, “Take a shot”

Will you take a shot, Gorgeous? Can’t we? Let’s find the trigger…

By CYN “Lonely Gun” (ost Birds of Prey)We are all broken-hearted, Gorgeous. You are not the only one with shattered heart. I am here to remind you that God always comfort and rescue the broken-hearted. The ways of the wicked won’t last for their triumphs are always short-lived. Gorgeous, always find it in your heart that I mean the words I say only you never listened. Even you can’t hear me or refused several times, God is always there for me. I failed several times but God never left me because His love illuminates in my heart. I hope tomorrow, you’ll remove the shield to allow my deepest & truest love shine brightly in yours. No more lonely guns… I always get you, Gorgeous… stop wandering around… See you again!!! Good night, sweet dreams!!! God’s love also illuminates in your heart. God bless!

No virus can foreshadow our beautiful future in accordance to God’s plans and in His will.