Strike thy breast, Gorgeous

Similar with the tax collector in the parable, I humbly acknowledge that I am sinner. I have sinned in my thoughts, words, deeds and for the things that I failed to do. I should be there to those people that I cared heartily but my feet are chained here.

God bless and may the angels give you sweet dreams, Gorgeous!

Have a nic day! Good night and sleep tight!

Miss U & C U again and again…

No Breaking Free from Your Gun, Gorgeous!

Don’t shoot! I’m all yours anyways! Hey, Gorgeous some people just keep on coming back literally and also in dreams. I have a series of unfortunate of events but here I am… I’m definitely the source of any man’s downfall instead I can offer a good chat and a meaningful laugh… a lot enjoy my company. Thanks Lord! My sadness is overflowing but the angels You sent me always made my day. Gorgeous, thanks for the night… No matter what I do— Gorgeous, I can’t escape. There’s no breaking from your GUN… I’m all yours to shoot because I am the most willing victim… LOL.

So early for Halloween… I stepped out to enter the House of Horror. It rained when I went out in our house. I joined my siblings to visit the cemetery and paid respects and tribute to my Papa, uncle, grandma and neighbor. The rain didn’t hinder us to remember the ones dearest to our hearts even they already departed the realm of the livings.

If you want it, take it

I should have said it before

Tried to hide it, fake it

I can’t pretend anymore

By Ariana Grande “Break Free”
By Queen “I Want to Break Free”

I’ve fallen in love
I’ve fallen in love for the first time
And this time I know it’s for real
I’ve fallen in love, yeah
God knows, God knows I’ve fallen in love

God will always be there for you. See yah!

Ours is the Untold Tale, Gorgeous!

I felt hurt love
By the word love
What the hell is love supposed to feel like?
What the hell is love? What the hell is love?


By Salem Ilese “Mad at Disney”

I can’t be mad at Disney coz I’m not a pessimist—- An optimist like me will never give up. My Disney tale will be the most beautiful story ever written… Gorgeous, our story is the most awaited untold tale will soon be available to many… I am working on my Heather-inspired artwork but I paused because somewhere out there you exist and you know that I exist too… Till we meet again… See you.

C U…

I’m a Copycat, Gorgeous!

I don’t belong to anyone, but everybody knows my name

But I know the people around you say “Just do what it takes to make it all the way”

What a shame! No originality.

Meow! I’m your COPYCAT!

By Billie Eilish ‘Copycat’
By Melanie Martinez ‘Copy Cat’

I’m not at ease and so tense. Don’t know why… But you crossed my mind every time…

God bless you always.

Take care.

Sleep tight. C U!!!

Feel Better, Gorgeous!

Sometimes there’s a need to bring your best foot forward… I may be taking the wrong lead and wrong presumptions but it doesn’t degrade my qualifications due to lack of clarity in instructions…. My brother is counting on me….

I felt bad for disappointing other’s expectations. I felt bad for my brother too… But another angel scribbled on a drawing ‘feel better’. I should feel better even if I am literally bleeding for a week now plus the fact I am constantly threatened… all I ever wanted is for the good of all and also for those people I deeply care and love.

Gorgeous, what seems so awful will turn better… enlighten the minds and hearts filled with arrogance and selfishness dominating the world.

I lift up everything to the Almighty! I don’t forget to say my daily thanks to the Master of my destiny.

Eight hours of sleep is everything coupled with two hours of afternoon slumber is life!!! You can’t pay a great amount for a sound sleep… Some people may have a lot cash and treasure but they are suffering from insomnia and emptiness. It’s true that ‘ great powers come with enormous responsibilities”.

Gorgeous, enjoy the peacefulness of your sleep.

Sleep tight! Sweet dreams.

God bless you always!

ILY & IMY. C U again & again!

A Feather from an Angel, Gorgeous…

It was the longest walk that I took and I even complained. What was the pair of shoes I am wearing? Surprisingly, I was unable to remember because I am mesmerized with the arch daisies above my head. Uncertain where the path was leading me, I was moving in circles with nowhere to go. Was it a disappointment to see a familiar face? I accepted my fate with a waterlogged heart losing my breath. Nope, I struggled to be back in my senses. Then, I found myself walking towards my heart truest desire!

Nowadays, what I truly believe is ridiculous and superstitions to others but others’ judgment won’t let me lose my equilibrium. Gorgeous, it is never my plan but I am certain God is with me. Subsequently, an angel assured me… Thank you very much sweet little foodie pea!!! It’s my daily pleasure to laugh and chitchat with you…

Gorgeous, you’ll never know and I won’t either… Our story will take unexpected turns… God knows better!

✪ω✪ Enola in Missio, Gorgeous (ノಥ益ಥ)

Let your heart be free, Gorgeous!

MISSIO means ‘to send’ and all over the world many baptized Christians spread around the world to spread God’s love and faith. Today is World Mission Sunday and theme established by Pope Francis is “Here I am, Send Me”. I joined the mission works two years ago and it was fulfilling. I felt blessed and I met new friends and acquaintances. The scene when I was crying at the port because of the nasty words I heard from my boss were erased when I gave my time unselfishly. I felt so alone ‘ENOLA‘ when my boss attacked me with her unfair and one-sided judgements. Thinking about it, giving my best then wasn’t wasted because I am certain that I moved so many hearts and no snakes could take that away from me. During the mission, I was appreciated with all sincerity and I didn’t mention that I could draw but I was noticed… those people truly blessed because they could see my skills without announcing it… Unlike in my working place, there were crabs who pulled me down…. I hope that I can go for another mission work and no more feeling ENOLA

Yesterday, I shared to my Catechism kids about the importance of mission and what were our roles as baptized Christians. Before Jesus before ascended to His Father, he commanded his disciples to make disciples by spreading across the globe. As for our activity, I instructed them to make a poster and write a prayer about ‘World Mission Sunday’. The parents sent me their artworks and by looking at them brought me silent tears. I told my friend “I must be a good teacher!” All I wanted is to teach like Jesus do… unselfish, caring, considerate and understanding…. very very patient…

How generous are you, Gorgeous?

Good night and take care always.

God bless you perpetually!

Remember that you’re always in my prayers.

Sweet dreams, Gorgeous!

✪ω✪ … C U… (ノಥ益ಥ)

Underneath the Silhouette of the Moon, Gorgeous

Mid-Autumn Festival isn’t over yet! Want some mooncake, Gorgeous straight from HK!
Let’s eat this 19 days old balut, Gorgeous! According to Wikipedia, a balut is a fertilized bird egg (usually a duck) which is incubated for a period of 14 to 21 days depending on the local culture and then boiled or steamed.  I miss this so much! After many years, I finally had a taste of it again!

The deteriorating hopes of today sinks my heart to a void of worthlessness. I am the jacks-of-all-trade but no one is convinced of my skills and it doesn’t matter at all. Underneath the silhouette of the moon, its shadow casted upon me and I camouflaged to its darkness in a paradise lost where all the flowers withered. It’s probably sickening and nauseated to be in a place where no skills required and waiting for a time of nothingness. Oh, God…

It’s alright because there are no more pretense and hiding… one thing is certain, I am not forcing anyone…

Gorgeous, all the best! Keep it up! God bless you always. You are always included in my prayers. Good night and Sweet dreams always. C U…

WC Gorgeous…

What a funny dude! Tickling my funny bones. Simple words scribbled… WC. WC, what? WC, Gorgeous… always loving you With Care always and lasting. Oh my, how simple things remind me of you and the memories is all coming back to me.

There were nights when the wind was so cold
That my body froze in bed if I just listened to it
Right outside the window
There were days when the sun was so cruel
That all the tears turned to dust
And I just knew my eyes were drying up forever (forever)
I finished crying in the instant that you left
And I can’t remember where or when or how
And I banished every memory you and I had ever made

Lyrics from “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” by Celine Dion

by Celine Dion “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now”

Miss & See u!

ILY, Gorgeous!

ily | i love you baby – Surf Mesa (Lyrics) feat. Emilee

I love you, baby
And if it’s quite all right
I need you, baby
To warm these lonely nights
I love you, baby
Trust in me when I say

10 Things I Hate About You: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Heath Ledger)

This was the most unforgettable scene of one of my fave romcoms of all time, “10 Things I Hate About You”. Heath Ledger did sweep my heart away while watching the flick. This was one iconic scene of an unforgettable legend like him. Too bad he’d left so soon but his works will forever be imprinted in the hearts of those who idolized him. Count me in, Gorgeous!

And my heart’s singing same way… I couldn’t take my eyes off you then even until now, Gorgeous! No wonder, I couldn’t get rid of you in my head even no matter how long it has been…. No worries, I am perfectly sane and I’m in a good place with no more drama! Contented with love and so joyous to be alive!!!

By Frank Sinatra “I Love You Baby”

You’re just too good to be true
Can’t take my eyes off of you
You’d be like Heaven to touch
I wanna hold you so much
At long last, love has arrived
And I thank God I’m alive
You’re just too good to be true
Can’t take my eyes off of you

ILY, Gorgeous

And if it’s quite alright

I need you, baby

To warm the lonely night

Trust me when I say…

I miss you, Gorgeous!

God bless!

Good night!

See you…

Sweet dreams!!!

Ain’t Damsel in Distress, Gorgeous

No damsel in distress, don’t need to save me
Once I start breathin’ fire, you can’t tame me
And you might think I’m weak without a sword
But if I had one, it’d be bigger than yoursIf all of the kings had their queens on the throne
We would pop champagne and raise a toast
To all of the queens who are fighting alone
Baby, you’re not dancin’ on your own

By Ava Max “Kings & Queens”

There were several times, I questioned and recalled where did I go wrong. What have I done to forsake God? I never done this nor that… I did this and that… blah.. blah… All the frustrations are taking the toll and the shades go to my weight… Good for you, Gorgeous! You even lost a lot of weight! Absolutely amazing!!! For many of us, the pandemic gave us reasons to eat and eat!

You may think, I am not doing anything. Well, you’re absolutely mistaken. I don’t have to scribble in details what are the steps I’ve taken to save myself from falling to nowhere. Take note, I may be a hag but my skills won’t age and rust with time. Likewise, it will be polished all throughout…

God is good, Gorgeous! Hence, no need to rescue me, Gorgeous! Surprisingly, ain’t some helpless damsel in distress! I experienced the worst in the past beyond you can even imagine.

No matter how tough life will turn out! I will stand up, keeping my cool with my bright smile… My infectious laughter will make everyone laugh and bring joy to many hearts whether young or old. Thank God, I am a still a bit humorous in my corny ways plus my skin is still thick! Who ever thought, the voice I hated and the face people mocked had relevance in surviving. You will rescue the Barbie girls, won’t you? I won’t be a Barbie girl because my heart ain’t made of plastic and I’m one old school lady…

Not your Barbie girl, I’m livin’ in my own world
I ain’t plastic, call me classic
You can’t touch me there, you can’t touch my body
(lyrics Not Your Barbie Girl by Ava Max)

I used to be a fan of Barbie Girl!

By Aqua “Barbie Girl”

Well, many things change…

By Ava Max “Not Your Barbie Gir”

ILY my King Gorgeous!

Let’s pour the champagne!!!

Miss U, Gorgeous!

Good night and God bless!

Sweet dreams!!!

C U all over again, Gorgeous!!!

Let’s Celebrate, Gorgeous

Move away downers because jubilee is here! Leap high, jubilant spirits for it’s your turn to shine! Congrats, Gorgeous for finally you see with your heart!

I proclaimed, “No more, nonsense!” However, it’s impossible to quit because your haunting me in my midnight slumbers waking me up with your gentle touch and kisses. Gorgeous, there’s no getting over you!!!

Yehey! Let’s celebrate 🎉 for the Lakers won the 17th NBA Finals over Miami Heat. Last Sunday, I spoke with someone about the game. I was so engaged with the conversation riding a time machine… this is so high school! I was a basketball fangirl during my school days. I was so into that I even organised a basketball league in our neighbourhood.

Let’s celebrate! Thank God we are alive!

Let’s celebrate for each day is a blessing!

Remember that I love u 😍 the most! I miss you a lot! See you!

Let’s celebrate life!!!

God bless!

Sweet dreams! See you!!!

From the Bottom of My Broken Heart, Gorgeous!

You were my real love, I never knew love

‘Til there was you
From the bottom of my broken heart

Never look back, we said
How was I to know I’d miss you so?
Loneliness up ahead, emptiness behind
Where do I go?
And you didn’t hear
All my joy through my tears
All my hopes through my fears
Did you now, still I miss you somehow
From the bottom of my broken heart
There’s just a thing or two I’d like you to know
You were my first love
You were my true love

Lyrics from the song “From the Bottom of My Broken Heart” by Britney Spears

By Britney Spears “From the Bottom of My Broken Heart”

In two weeks time, Gorgeous

I object! My heart may exclaimed loudly and adamantly disagree, at the end of the day your happiness is your choice. Whatever makes you happy, Gorgeous ❤️😘 It’s your life to build and may God give you wisdom in whatever route you’re going to take. In reality, the merriment of the gala is brief… the aftermath is never a paradise. It is a dwelling where hell and worst calamities are expected to collide. Are you ready to be crushed and ruined soon?

I hope heaven isn’t a long way from here so that I can meet you soon. Dear God, I wish to have given the chance to be there in any means: to be the maid, cook, comforter, cleaner, entertainer, provider and slave. If only my writings put into action and my words not only read but heard. You know what’s in my heart despite my sinfulness and imperfections. I am always loyal, obedient and true to You as so as to others. My Loving Father, you absolutely know what I had to endure and deprived myself to be faithful to You. Henceforth, I may desire and want the pleasure others freely enjoy, I still value my self-worth and avoid disobedience. Besides, I respect others space and happiness. Lord, can I still share myself beyond eternity?

See U, Gorgeous! Have a nice day! Good night! God bless!

💋 XoXO 🤟 & 😘 xoXO 💋

The Girl in the Mirror, Gorgeous!

Being home is equivalent to returning to my old self, including my unhealthy weight. Eight years ago was my ideal weight, I was around 50 – 53 kg that was the healthiest too. Subsequently, I gained weight but I am still keep able to keep up the healthy weight based to my BMI category. Now??? Since, I am neither buying nor preparing my meals, I ended up to this dilemma of weight struggle again. What can I do? I eat whatever is served and I am not choosy when in terms of food! 🥘 Besides, my mama is the best cook in the world! Each day I am tempted to consume a lot!!!

Even I am putting a lot of weight, I never love my self less or drown myself in self-pity. It is not about degrading issue of self-love. Likewise, the concern is how this gain will definitely affect my health. This without a doubt very alarming because it may lead to complications. So, I asked my old healthy chubby self “how did you that?” “INSPIRATION!!!” Indeed, I was inspired then— Wait! The girl in the mirror should have known better and encouraged more. She said, “You can!” Because you did it too, Gorgeous!

Stalker me… It was indeed a climb. Congrats! Those wall was yours to conquer. At first glance, I am beyond impressed. Wow! You looked way much younger than before with that physique. Absolutely amazing and terrific! Bravo!!!

Moreover, the longer I stared, I couldn’t help asking myself if you were really fine. Hopefully, no virus was the culprit of such weight loss! Well, what am I thinking? Not you, you are among those health conscious people I know. Keep it up as long as it’s healthy. A friendly reminder, too much won’t do anyone any good!

I wake up every day like hello, beautiful
‘Cause this world is so crazy and it can bring you down
You’re too short, too fat…
Hey, well excuse me if I think that I’m pretty
So I don’t care what you say ’cause I’m original
I’m learning how to love me from my head down to my toes
Let ’em know, let ’em know if you with me
Hey, ’cause I finally found the answer is in me

My mama she keeps saying
Don’t let ’em get you down
Had to learn to love me

That’s why I’m talking to the girl in the mirror
Like even if you’re down, better get up
‘Cause every set back’s just a set up
For something just a little bit better
Oh, I’m talking to the girl in the mirror

Sophia Grace ft. Silento – Girl In The Mirror (Official Video)

Good night! Sweetest dreams to you! God bless!!! See you all over again!

This is Our Story, Gorgeous!

Ostensibly my words may petty, wishy-washy and unfounded for those obstinate few. Moreover, I am taking full accountability of how I expressed my thoughts because whether you like it or not, this is my story to tell. Not just some tales that I produced by the pigments of my creative thoughts. Likewise, it’s a narration I lived to recount in an unusual manner combined with my signature style of reiterating my adventures and ordeals.

First and foremost Gorgeous, always bear in mind that you’re one of a kind and absolutely a beautiful person—- the most Gorgeous of them all. Next, there were times I was there to save your face as a scapegoat and honestly, I had no regrets. Then, I did those white lies to cover you up because I stood still as your friend and I didn’t see any faults with that. Gorgeous, I am not doing things to impress you or anyone else, I am just being ME. I never hid my worst and best nor sugarcoated my words…. Gorgeous, you’ve seen it all. Lastly, whether you agree or not, you already occupied most of the pages of my story in all shades including black, white and the most colorful of all.

Time flies fast for it has been so long… However, nothing has changed. I am still a fool for you!

This love is tainted
I need you and I hate it
You’re caught between a dream and a movie scene
In a way, you know what I mean
When the darts just miss, I just can’t resist it

‘Cause I’m a fool for you and the things you do
I’m a fool for you and the things, the things you do

Lyrics “fOoL fOr YoU” by Zayn Malik

By Zayn Malik “Fool for You”

Since 1993, Gorgeous…

Were you already around in year 1993? What was your memory at that time? When I found my ”Anne of Green Gables” novel. My handwriting was awful but my signature still the same. Hey, wait!!! I scribbled an old code for my teenage hanky-panky. I could have scribbled it with the stars floating above my head with heat-shaped eyes (similar to Sailor Moon when around Tuxedo Mask). Nonetheless, when I stared at my innocent writings, I kinda remembered the boy but it was your face I saw, Gorgeous.

Before Netflix featured the series “Anne with an E”, I was already obsessed with Anne Shirley since 1993. I bought the book using the nest egg that I put away from my allowance. It was the book which I used for my book report. Nevertheless, from project to my teenage bookworm obsession. The next thing, I knew I read all the Anne series written by Lucy Maud Montgomery. WOW! Old memories coming back to me…

Since 1993 Gorgeous, I looked at the stars stating in my hearts of hearts that somewhere out there and across the deep blue oceans you were born. Perhaps, I’m overdramatic and my imaginations were over the top ever since 1993. No one believed me but I am certain God who is the master of my fate knew what’s best for me. Since 1993, I believed and my faith never subsided not even an inch.


Good night and sweet dreams, Gorgeous! It’s no longer 1993 but I always knew your existence. IMY😘 & ILY 🤟

Thank God you were born… My prayers for you, keep safe.

God bless!

May angels lead you, Gorgeous!

I don’t know with you Gorgeous. But growing up, I always and never stop believing on angels. They are more than those make believe creatures like fairies, gnomes, dwarfs and many more. Angels are more than what we can both imagine for they are creations from Heaven… a realm with more than milk and honey… it’s God’s kingdom and ours too.

Spread the word, Gorgeous that each one of us has one special Guardian Angel who is always there for all our needs. Don’t tremble inside, Gorgeous for you are never alone. It isn’t just your battle you have my back and your Guardian Angel won’t fail you too. No more making a fuss on trivial matter, Gorgeous. Always remember, somewhere out there lies the answer but only to those with open hearts…. May the angels lead you, Gorgeous! Amen!

Good night! Sweet Dreams! 14344+14324!!!

Last 29th September was the Feast Day of the 3 main Archangels namely: Saint Raphael, Saint Gabriel and Saint Michael.

Yesterday, 2nd October was the Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels.

This afternoon’s Catechism session, I shared to the kids about the structure of the Holy Mass. According to the introduction of our session plan, “a mass is a thanksgiving prayer that is composed of many prayers that is similar to the Holy Bible which is one book comprises of many books.”

I’m a lovesick girl coz of u, Gorgeous!

Maybe it’s all just for a moment
What are we looking for so aimlessly
But I don’t care, I’ll do it over and over
I just need you in my life

By BLACKPINK “Lovesick Girls”

Lovesick. I must be no different and I blame you… Nope, I thank the most Gorgeous of them all. It must be so long… all I did was scribbling my affection and thoughts. Silly? Whatever! The stupidest thing is the most celebrated. One thing is certain I am into men particularly you, Gorgeous. Oh, I must do this quickly because I am not done working on my slides for tomorrow’s e-Catechism session. May God all the glory.

Wait! What do you want? I picked a cologne. Nope, you picked a shaving razor. I suggested shaving cream. Reality check, you want iPhone XII. I dragged my friend into my lovesickness and silliness. I missed both of you. Probably, it was my mind of incorporating in my slumber scenes the people who truly mattered in my heart. “Cute? Are we?” Yeah, even in my dreams, my friend is always the truest and the best of all! Thank you both.

Last 15 secs… Lights off! Good night, Gorgeous! A blessed TGIF!!! XoxO Luv & Miss U much xOXo!! You know it all!

Sweet dreams!

— end of 5 minutes break— (back to the session prep)

Today is the beginning, Gorgeous!

What are you doing, Gorgeous? You must be off from work and wandering somewhere rejoicing the peak of your youth. A free-spirited like you will never be gloomy and not making a fuss on little things. You should be in the height of the gala, not enraged with how the new normal turned out to be. You’re not stuck in a prison cell of memories and dreams similar to where I am. Hopefully, you’ll visit me there under the cherry blossoms where it’s all pink and none of us is blue…


Thoughts in the Silent Night 静夜思

By Li Bai (李白) source

Li Bai used four lines of five characters to express his homesickness at the Moon (Mid-Autumn) Festival.

Moonlight shining through the window

Makes me wonder if there is frost on the ground

Looking up to see the moon

Looking down I miss my hometown

床 前 明 月 光

疑 是 地 上 霜

举 头 望 明 月

头 思 故 乡

你是个小乖乖的真莎莎莎莎… Gorgeous!!!

你是个小乖乖的真莎莎莎莎… Hard to believe that I am funny… Let’s salsa, Gorgeous! This is my new name… 莎莎莎莎… LOL!

What a Wednesday!!! Did I see your message? Nope, it’s in my head.  It’s tiring to be dreaming.  Moreover, thank God I am alive!!!

‘Cause I, I, I’m in the stars tonight
So watch me bring the fire and set the night alight 

By BTS (방탄소년단) ‘Dynamite’ 

To be only yours I pray, Gorgeous!

There’s a sing that’s inside
Of my soul
It’s the one that I’ve tried to write
Over and over again
I’m awake in the infinite cold
But you sing to me over and over and over again

By Mandy Moore “Only Hope”

Gorgeous, my brain is very creative and it is capable of producing scenes and dialogues out of the ordinary. Imagine you became so real and we even exchanged dialogues similar to how it used to be. My apologies for your recurring appearances in my head. Rest assured, I had no negative intentions for I am all about goodness and truthfulness. In reality, I didn’t bother you even I am one step falling to the abyss. Even if I am all the financial difficulties and professional decline, I still go on thinking positively.

Gorgeous, I woke up joyfully and somehow it made me wonder how come in this longest time, it’s still you. What a beautiful, Monday!!! Hope same to you…

I’m a cow, Gorgeous!

Good job, Gen for not sinning! What amazing works done daily! Waking up late, not doing anything for the rest of the day and sleeping late… Wow! Wonderful role model! Seriously??? What a routine? Congratulations to me for being an idling peasant!!! What a disappointment??? (hope not for long)

I abide God’s law. However, am I doing something in building His Kingdom on earth? Am I setting a good example to those around me? A lot of people looked up at me— I used to get out from my comfort zone to reach out on others and generously give without expectations. Look at me now!!! Gaining a lot of weight while wearing baggy clothes without high heels on and smelling awful (yuck!)… Hence, how am I different from a cow? Shame on me, Gorgeous!!!

This revelation is not something I am proud of. My honesty is indeed one of my many weaknesses. I don’t sugarcoat my life to impress and deceive others… Yeah, I now belong to the Grinch fan club for I am now isolated from the rest of the world (minus the grumpiness). THIS IS HOW MY MISFORTUNES TURNED ME INTO… Wait Gorgeous, there are NO COMPLAINS! Chill!

EVERYDAY IS A BLESSING GORGEOUS… I don’t have tons of dollars. Moreover, I am grateful with everything around me. I am stress-free now. I am not crying everyday at all. Hence, I am grateful with what I have and get in the middle of the pandemic. Indeed, I am truly grateful with all the people around me especially those who appreciated and recognized my cheerfulness and wits. Thank you for laughing with me and believing in me. Hard to believe that I am such a CLOWN like I used to be!!! Well, I am not boring even in this darkest times. I can be funny too and one accidental comedian. Enjoying simple moments and cherishing borrowed minutes. After all, our time in this world isn’t perpetual and we’re here in a clock. If it’s your TIME for whatever, it’s your time! No bargaining…

I may only have you in my memories and dreams, Gorgeous but those are the wonderful thoughts I am going to forever cherished. All of the people I welcomed in my heart were like the wind… they came and went off… Nevertheless, you lingered and I got stuck on you. This cow needs some milking though… LOL. (not literally please…) LOL.

God knows how much I deeply cared and missed you. You never left my thoughts not even a bit of a second… Today is the feast day of Saint Vincent de Paul in SG. I offered a prayer for you as always did countless times. God bless and may your colors and energy don’t fade… we don’t remain the same but what I have deep within is unchanging. I hope one day… it’s all that matter… and just enough… NOT CASH, APPEARANCE, STATUS and SOCIAL MEDIA IMAGE…

by Vanessa Williams “Colors of the Wind” (Pocahontas ost)

don’t wanna wait in heaven, GORGEOUS ❤️

Going to the mountains… I missed the fun coz I chose to do things I had to—-

Gorgeous, I missed a lot in life. I’m so exhausted wearing the same clothes daily without any shoes on. Where are my high schools? They are far away like you do, Gorgeous.

A lot of people asking me… my response—- I don’t know why. Gorgeous, I pray each day for your happiness.

God bless you and sweet dreams, Gorgeous!

Good night!

I always hear & see despite its been a long time… I wish that I don’t have to wait in heaven… I hope here on earth I can make you feel my love😘❤️🥰

Miss and love 💓 U

Gorgeous, hi…

Hello, nice to meet you!

How are you today?

What did you eat today?

Those are the lines, I repeatedly say

Am I running out of words?

By the way, how about you?

Gorgeous, be fine like wine

I see the sign on the sun…

No more goodbyes but all hellos

Why should wait in heaven?

When on earth everything is possible

Forgive this 3 minutes writing

You know too well, I miss you Gorgeous

See you later, sweet dreams dearest!

Gorgeous, God bless and good night!

Gorgeous, 👋 hi…

Remember that I always deeply care.

Nothing has changed. Xoxo 💋 I love u 😘 xoXO

❤️💛💚💙💜🧡GORGEOUS💕💞💓💗💖💝💟 to be continued…




This is just the beginning… to be continued…


Let’s welcome back Gorgeous, ‘The Return of the Unicorn!

I lost count how many days and mounts we were in quarantine…

Finally, it was back to sail the blue sea underneath the blazing sun. Floating mighty and proud my enormous inflatable unicorn. Gorgeous, let’s welcome it back! Alas, it had returned into the sea after many years of slumber in a dirty and disregarded dungeon. Yehey!!! Family outing with the unicorn!

Gorgeous, it was high tide and I was afraid of drowning but I am not afraid sinking to the bottom for you. Was it hot in your side? I am not hot with my unaltered, unflattering and unglamorous photos. Nevertheless, the noontime sun was not as extremely hot as you! I whispered to the waves your name and perhaps you might hear my voice calling out for you. The sands on the vast ocean was as a countless as what I have restored for you. Gorgeous, until now, are you still not convinced? May the hands of God find US once more…

Good night and sweet dreams, the ultimately Gorgeous you! Miss you 😘 14344 ♾

Thanks a lot, Gorgeous!

The wind blew so strong and loudly from the north and it affected my internet connection. Welcome here whereby your Internet Service Provider can offer you as low as 10MBPS but the monthly due is almost the same as I paid in SG for around 500MBPS. Sadly with sudden weather change, our Internet connection is disrupted. If there are technical issues, expect almost a month for actions to be taken. Who can get a higher MBPS? Only the privilege and celebrities’. WOW!

As the weather when I am so tense and my heart would surely explode. Likewise, my thoughts and emotions calmed down with the thoughts of that… Thank you… it actually worked but the other software won’t work with the updated version of my OS. Still I am beyond thankful, Gorgeous!

I’m Somewhere Out There, Gorgeous

Somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight
Someone’s thinking of you and loving you tonight
Somewhere out there someone’s saying a prayer for you, Gorgeous

That’s me, Gorgeous…

by Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram “Somewhere Out There”

I was alright with the dislikes. In my mind, I called the angels and saints to enlighten those tender minds. I’m glad for those who returned. In all fairness, I am appreciated without promoting myself and manipulating the young ones and their guardians. Their smiles were alright with me… if I am for stress relief, I was good with it…

My three year old nephew needed the iMac for his only class. However, the device was lagging and he was always disconnected from the class. In addition, I was editing my niece’s music video project last Monday and the rendering took forever. So, I decided to reformat the iMac but I had no hard disk to store my back up files. As a result, all the software that I installed were deleted. Thank God that I could still access my account… I was able to see the files that I needed in the drive. Surprisingly, I found recent uploads… I am lost of words for my heart was filled with gratefulness. How to say thank you, Gorgeous when thank you isn’t enough?

xoxo Gorgeous, you are the most Gorgeous! I am so much thankful XoXo

Gorgeous, Did somebody, Did somebody…

Gorgeous, it’s indeed savage and a bit foolish! People don’t know… but who cares…

The paper boat was sailing freely bringing delight to a little child. Will it bring you joy, Gorgeous! How about you, Gorgeous what are your many concerns!!! Did somebody… did somebody???
By Jason Derulo “Savage Love”

I see your monsters, Gorgeous!!!

I see your monsters
I see your pain
Tell me your problems
I’ll chase them away
I’ll be your lighthouse
I’ll make it okay
When I see your monsters
I’ll stand there so brave
And chase them all away

By Katie Sky “Monsters”

I’m fighting my own monsters and the reality I am in… I have no complains but go on with the war and acceptance is the key… Gorgeous, it is tough battle of the flesh and so I look up to God each time…

Let it be, Gorgeous!

When I find myself in times of trouble
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
And in my hour of darkness
She is standing right in front of me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be

Lyrics by Beatles “Let It Be”

The Light of Faith | Happy birthday mama mary, Happy birthday mama, Mama  mary

After almost 6 months in quarantine and not going to church, finally I visited one today.  Of course, I wouldn’t miss it because it’s Mama Mary’s birthday.  We bought cake and cooked special dishes during lunch and dinner time. Let’s celebrate life! I am being ME— generous and thoughful!  Above all, I offered my prayers and Gorgeous, you were not missed.  May Mama Mary gave you wisdom.  Whatever happened now, let it be.  I am brokenhearted and failure — Moreover, even little things and a single centavo is a blessing from Heaven.  Thank you Mama Mary and protect Gorgeous too.

By Beatles ‘Let It Be’

Happy Birthday, Dear Mother & Queen | Mother mary quotes, Happy birthday  mama mary, Mama mary birthday

God bless you, gorgeous! Good night. See you! ILY & IMY!!!! 


NO STOPPING, GORGEOUS! (Whatever they’ll say…) You'll Be in My Heart Lyrics Portrait Poster Print (12" x 18"):  Posters & Prints

We all have the choices
I’m not asking you to stop
I want you to to be happy
Conquer all your dreams
Be the man that you deserved
You’re one of a kind and special
THE Most Gorgeous of them all!
The crown and glory IS All yours

What apology should I scribble?
Destiny is beyond our control
Sorry for I’m not giving up
My courage has no limitations
The probabilities are so slim
Still holding on My faith and hope
The answers to all the prayers
We’ll rejoice with the stars
Feast with the angels and saints
Love is true divine and ulterior!

It is always worth the long wait
You’ll find out and comprehend
Do you really have what you want?
Can you still dance with the waves?
Every time the wind touches my face
Imagining your soft lips on my skin
Whispering “I love you” to the air
Can you hear it in your loneliness?
Whatever you do and whereever you are
You’re always the best in the world
And forever you’ll be in my heart—

Phil Collins - You'll Be In My Heart with Lyrics - Vidéo Dailymotion

just remember I love you quotes #relationship | Love yourself quotes, Be  yourself quotes, I love you quotes

By Phil Collins  “You’ll Be In My Heart”

God Bless You And May The Devil Miss You Printable Art Instant | Etsy

True love never dies, it only gets stronger with TIME Poster | poisongirl |  Keep Calm-o-Matic


Ave Maria, Gorgeous 🙏🏻 📿

It’s almost six months since the ECQ.  Due to the pandemic, I am stuck at home.  Finally, got unwinding to do… destinations: to the beaches in Plantation Bay and at Crimson Beach Resort.  One stop at Tom Tom Cafe… But, I jus took a sip because I was afraid that I would puke due to motion sickness.  5 kilos gained… OVERWEIGHT!!!!  Who cares???  I had nothing to do in quarantine but eat, sleep and eat a lot more… the cycle never ends!!!

A thousand million eyes
and the sharpest mouths, To criticize
you  it’s not an easy life

Maria, Ave Maria
Stand up and march into the light
Maria, Ave Maria
Jump higher until you can fly

Maria  by Kim Ah Joong (

By Kim Ah Joong “Maria” with english lyrics

You don’t know my love that I hid alone
Even if I laugh out loud, my heart flows with tears
Useful hate words keep coming out in front of you
I don’t even like me like this, but like a fool I do
The more I hope for you, the more my heart hurts
I want to tell you once, the saddest story in the world
You don’t know I love you

What should I do? I am greedy every time I see you
I can’t have it, then I can’t, I’m like a fool
The more I hope for you, the more my heart hurts
I want to tell you once, the saddest story in the world
You don’t know I love you
When I close my eyes, you come
Come into my dreams and whisper
You wrap me around with that beautiful smile
The more I hope for you, the more my heart hurts

I want to tell you once, the saddest story in the world

You don’t know I love you

(“You Don’t Know I Love You” source:

You Don`t Know I Love You · 유 미녀는 괴로워 Original Motion picture Soundtrack (200 Pounds Beauty)

Gorgeous Logo | Free Name Design Tool from Flaming Text

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May God Bless You. Today And Always. | God bless you, Good morning  greetings, Morning blessings

Till we meet the next time, Gorgeous 😘🥰

By Edgar Allan “Sa Muling Pagtatagpo”

In all my existence
There’s no other man in my heart
From the start even until now
Nothing has changed

It’s always you and still you
With all my heart and mind
Dreaming and always praying
Hoping you will notice me

I am your prisoner
I was captivated by your smile
Failing several times to ground zero
I want to be there for you, Gorgeous

Until we meet again, Gorgeous
Soon the turn of events is mine
I won’t be kissing the wind anymore
Always waiting faithfully forevermore

Goodnight! Cheers! 😘 Missing & loving 🥰 you very much!!! Till we meet next time, Gorgeous ❤️🥰

A Hero’s Exit, Gorgeous! Goodbye to the King!

Black Panther' Family & Avengers Mourn the Death Of Chadwick Boseman – Deadline

Not an avid fan but I remember the day when my friend sneaked from work to watch Black Panther.  In all fairness, it was an amazing and fantastic film and all thanks to Chadwick Boseman.  Sadly his passing today is hard to miss because the internet is flooded with condolences. He also died with colon cancer same as my father. I witnessed firsthand the agony of having such disease. Chadwick was very remarkable and inspiring by juggling work and fighting the disease same as what Papa did.  Amazing people and fighters! However, the battle is over for their kingdom is in eternity.  Chadwick was one talented and beautiful being whom I will always remember as King T’Challa. “Wakanda forever!” 

(CNN) Actor Chadwick Boseman, who brought the movie “Black Panther” to life with his charismatic intensity and regal performance, has died. Boseman has battled colon cancer since 2016 and died at home with his family and wife by his side, according to a statement posted on his Twitter account. He was 43. (

Bless his soul to another journey of eternity.  May his loving family find comfort and peace in his passing.

Black Panther Chadwick Boseman dead: Avenger star filmed one last Marvel FUTURE appearance | Films | Entertainment |

Gorgeous, I felt my whole body so cold like it is going to be the end of me. Why so threatening??? What a pain for just a penny and so little…. O, Gorgeous…  A kind of consideration please…. I am good with this but the Internet connections are unkind… Whatever it is, I will never regret because I am able to express everything…  I need this reliever to relax myself… Lord, help us!!!!  Have mercy…



I'll love you always forever and no matter what by VinylLettering, $6.99 | Love you forever quotes, Always love you quotes, Forever quotes

Good Night God Bless You Images

Meet U in the New Eden, Gorgeous

gen and eagle

God gave everything to man for  He made everything beautiful, good and perfect.  He gave them the paradise, the Garden of Eden.  Nonetheless, after God created woman, man met his downfall due to temptations.  Both man and woman fell out of grace and were driven out of Eden.  However, the Adam whom God created came from soil who sinned against Him.

Furthermore, God so loved the world and sent His only son.  Jesus, the new Adam who was made from heaven.  He died for our sins and He connected men to God again.  Jesus built the family of God.  One day, we will be one with God in Parousia.

Gorgeous, I pray for you! Meet you in the new Eden, Gorgeous!  I am in the lowest point in my life with limited resources and my situation is very threatening.  Someone honestly and harshly uttered dislike on me despite my efforts.  I wouldn’t blame the person and the people around me… I am just in a bad situation in a very contained space.  Unlucky…  But, this whole situation taught me meekness.  According to one of the eight beatitudes, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.”

Good night, Gorgeous! ILY & IMY. Xoxo. XOXO…

You're beautiful and I love you and God loves you❤️God bless you! Have an  amazing day!🙏🏽

Dreaming of Mr. Orange Guy, Gorgeous

thomas climb

We laughed while coloring this climber and we called him the Mr. Orange Guy.  Guess what today, I met Mr. Orange Guy in my dream! He was unhappy and upset with me.  He blamed me for being distant and doing absolutely nothing…. My apologies because I am not good of shaming myself on chasing pavements… I am only the expert of scribbling what I can’t express loudly.

Gorgeous, what do you know? I don’t want to be anyone’s burden. I will just write down what I can’t say.  I never give up on writing, it just so happened that we are experiencing network interruptions around my area.  Welcome to the country of delay services, we always pay on time but when everything goes down… expect an inefficient response… the turtle can even walk faster compared to these people.  Our Internet connection had technical issue for two weeks now.  Sadly, at this point of time, no actions are taken.  Is there any deduction from our pay since we were unable to use the Internet service for two weeks?   Nope, we are paying the same amount… but we wasted a lot of money on data since my nieces had to do online classes.  What do you know, Gorgeous?


I digitally painted these flowers for the climber, Mr. Orange Guy. A bouquet of freshly and newly painted flowers for you, cheering you up and to remind you how beautiful you are!  Always the most Gorgeous of them all!  So, don’t be such a downer! I may not know your pains and suffering but I somehow feel them.  You are surrounded by so many creations only to feel lonesome and left alone.  You are in bed with someone and never miss a second for the pleasures of the flesh.  After few minutes of ecstasy, there’s something amiss and questions unanswered.  Deep inside you’re fully aware that what you can satisfy your physical needs will never define your happiness… and those who can fill the call of  your flesh will not always stand by your side… there are those who only left after they get the cash… Who will truly stay through thick and thin?  May God enlighten your mind and heart to lead you to the peaceful and rightful place. I don’t ask for anything… Just keep safe and see you somewhere, someday, somehow… God bless! Good night! Sweet dreams! See you again!

So many things left unsaid… but gotta go now coz I needed to finalize my Catechism session tomorrow.

You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone
You’re gonna miss me by my hair
You’re gonna miss me everywhere, oh
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone

Oh no, Gorgeous! I woke up like this…

I woke up like this (1)What happened? When I woke up my right eye was heavy and painful.  Oh no!! I woke up with a swollen eye.  My sister joked who punched my eye.  My mother said that it might be an insect bite.  In addition, my sister even funnily said that even my face is in fact swollen.  Thanks quarantine and joblessness made me indolent and rounder and rounder… Oh, Gorgeous! How about you? What should I do?  I already took some meds for the eye infection and also tried home remedy but my eye is still swollen.

After many years, it was truly good to hear Gorgeous.  Thank you, my little man for your words made my day.  “I MISS YOU TOO!”

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Good Night Everyone ~ God Bless You | Good night prayer, Good ...

Reaching Your Hand and Touching Your Heart, Gorgeous

Angela one little indian boy2

Gorgeous, don’t fall into the quicksand and be careful around you.  Nonetheless, if people push you and if gravity is pulling you down… I am here reaching  you in my ways and keep on reminding you how  much you mean to me.

Gorgeous, I’m touching your heart despite it is crowded.  Despite so many people in your lives, I hope you’ll know that always matter.  If the space isn’t mine, I won’t force to enter.  Respecting you with tender love and care.

Good night my awesome friends sleep well dream big as tomorrow ...

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We’re Co-workers of God, Gorgeous!

15 Aug Catechism Session

Sometimes my sinful thoughts discredited me from following the path of being a Catechist.  I am far from perfect, a work in progress! I have plenty of shortcomings but at the end of the day, I still settle on goodness for God and others.  I responded to the call voluntarily.  So, I will see to it that I keep on doing my best even if there’s no compensation.

Gorgeous, my session today is about “Salvation History”. The image above was my version of the “Salvation History” timeline that I am going to share to the parents of my kids in the session.  I hope this will give them an overview what our session is all about. God created us in His likeness and with our intellect and free will, we are all appointed to continue His work.  Gorgeous, in all fairness to us, we are God’s co-workers!  Hence, we should always remind ourselves to be humble and meek.  We are not above God, we are His servants,

By The Maranatha! Singers “Make Me a Servant”


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You're beautiful and I love you and God loves you❤️God bless you ...

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Grandma’s Finally Home, Gorgeous!

Some men truly objectify women! Hello, wrong person!  Well, what a scary and out-of-nowhere experience… fact of the matter, even if I’m out of social media or not even out there… there are those who find means to try to deceive and prey on others. Try your luck to the desperate! LOL

Okay, it’s not the heart of the matter.  I am exhausted and sleepy now.  I just finished completing the session for tomorrow’s e-Catechism session. Oh my, ‘Salvation History’ is indeed a complicated and lengthy topic.  Likewise, I must not slip this away.  By hook or by crook, I should pen this down, the splendor my creative mind for it brought me ear-to-ear smile this morning.  Gorgeous, I broke my wedge slippers and I walked funny.  Those strong arms of yours became my pillar to lean on.  Then, suddenly lifted me to ecstasy… all the way to cloud nine!  I asked a lot of questions like “You must be kidding me? Is this for real?” Response, “I said what I have to say.” Brief but totally fantastic to the ears.

The journey didn’t end with you for I was looking for my grandma.  Her place was sold in reality and she received no compensation.  Greed was real!  I was certain that she had a place.  I just knew.  Somebody told me where it was… a little hut in the middle of the prairie.  It worried me to see her in such living condition for it was far off from her real house.  She told me, ‘It’s mine!’  It was all she wanted before her soul departed, a place she could claim as hers.    I’m glad that you’re finally found a home that no one can take away from you.  Keep on praying for me in Heaven, Grandma.  I love you very much, Grandma.  I miss you too!

good night and sweet dreams sweet dreams babe good asf2435 ...

Take Care My Dear God Bless Greeting Image Nice Wishes

No matter how much I say "I love you" I always love you more than ...

Serving you, Gorgeous

pizza3 (1)

Little or small deeds mean a lot

No matter how tiny, still counts

Ignore it our not, God sees all

It’s my pleasure to serve you

Enjoy the treat, one slice for you

Next time, take a sip and enjoy it too!

No worries my dearest, Gorgeous!

The bill is on me, my treat!!!

It’s not how much is in my pocket

My willingness to share heartily

Above all, thanks to the Almighty 

Enormous or not is a blessing!

Gifts generously given from Heaven!

BeFunky-collage (1)

Good, old auntie Gen! My version of eating healthy in a reasonable price… in the service of everyone and you too, Gorgeous! Not that perfect, my sister said that I added a little bit more of the fish sauce.  I am not used to adding fish sauce in any cuisine. My first try is almost a success! Good job, Gen! Keep it up! LOL!!!

alugbati salad9 (2)

♥ Sleeping without you is hard, but knowing you are too tired to face tomorrow would be even harder. May sleep find you quickly so that you have the energy to enjoy another day of fun adventures with me.

(Read more at: Copyright

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Thank You - God Bless You - St. Patrick's Gift Shop and Bookstore

Gorgeous, I’m grateful my prayers are not answered

Should I be weeping and be angry to God with all my financial and professional downfalls? I have NOTHING. Congratulations, you predicted it perfectly! The forces of darkness heard your mockeries and used them against my favors. My status is ZERO compared to those in the queue.  I must be the most hopeless and worthless creation unlike those princesses borne in privileges due to their roots.  Really?

God sees the interior, not the exterior.  Will you see the same?

Hey, I should redeem myself!!! I should prove you and everyone else wrong!  Let me see, I should work out and try to look pretty with all the filters or use my editing skills to make me look like unrealistically beautiful and become ‘someone else’.  Then, I should pour all my time & efforts in getting someone online to feed me.  Let my knight and shining armor be the nameless dudes in social media by using my gift in playing with words written or verbally.  Well, is that really the solution? Will it define my happiness?

One of the admirable characters in the Bible is Job.  Job lost everything in one day: his children and properties.  He even cursed his birth for his suffering was unbearable.  Surprisingly, in Job’s darkest days, he still worshipped and praised God.  He endured without complaints.  Can you do the same Gorgeous?

I don’t see harsh circumstances and unanswered prayers as punishments or tests of faith in God. Whether I opposed and questioned His Divine interventions in several occasions, at the end of the day, I am still and forever grateful for whatever happened that are even unacceptable in my human mind and heart.  Sometimes in my prayers, I am pestering Him with my nonsense. “Can I be everyone’s angel? (or your angel, Gorgeous?)”or “Can I see heaven tomorrow?” Well, God’s wisdom isn’t mine to comprehend.

What if 25 years ago, I stopped my heart from looking elsewhere and actually seen or felt  the ones in front of me? What if 22 years ago, I never had a sudden change of heart? What if I did the unexpected 20 years ago or fought for one of them? What if 18 years ago, I didn’t judge one’s educational attainment and settled for looks? What if  16 years ago, I never took someone’s words as a joke or never lost my phone (was unable to keep in touch to any of them)? What if I never slammed the door 14 years ago? What if 12 years ago, I just gave out my number to the courageous ones and stopped being mean to the opposite sex? What if 10 years ago, I accepted that drink or never let rumors get into my nerves? What if 8 years ago, I just let it be that I am the witch in my own story? What if 6 years ago I let myself fell into sins and not the so-called scary cat? What if 3 years ago, I welcomed the ones who returned? What if I gave chances to those little daring acquaintances then and now, or for those past few days and months this year? I maybe a wallflower to some but there are those who sometimes paid attention at that queer and vibrant wall. What do you know, Gorgeous?

Above all the what ifs… What if Papa never went to heaven so soon?  What if he is still here physically at this very moment? What if… indeed? Definitely things won’t turn out to be the fairytale ending that I am looking forward as a little girl plus the worst  is certainly expected.  It will surely be the death of my little romantic stories that I wrote in my teenage journals and invented in my head.  It won’t be my everything.  God knows what’s the best for me.  Praise God! Each day, I hold into my spiritual strength and pray to be like Job.  Thank you Lord for making my life imperfect.  I may complain plenty of times but I am truly grateful for all the unanswered prayers and redirecting my life because it keeps me grounded and always faithful to You.  “Don’t let go of me, Lord!” even if there a million times I am tempted to fall into the darkness within.

Thank God that without money I can sleep for more than ten hours and cried so little that it’s almost to nothing! I am one couch potato queen! Money can cause stress, so without it…. I am sleeping on a cotton bed with beautiful dreams of you, Gorgeous!  One thing for sure, you never slipped my mind not even a single day! Believe it or not!

I had my choices.  I choose this…

Why? I just know and you do, too.

God knows the best!

You, my dear, are Gorgeous | Penelope's Musings

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Thou | Ikaw – English Version Lyrics – Cover

At every drop of this eternal time
you keep swirling in my mind
My thoughts and heartbeat
never fail to rhyme

Lyrics: Thou (Ikaw English Version)

Cathy Jane Cunada (

Do you know a KAREN, Gorgeous?

common stereotype: KAREN

Karen is a pejorative term used in the United States and other English-speaking countries for a woman perceived as entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is appropriate or necessary. A common stereotype is that of a white woman who uses her privilege to demand her own way at the expense of others.


‘OK, Karen.’

I don’t mind the meme. It’s not me.’ 
Illustration: Nhung Le/The Guardian

It is the eye-rolling retort that Karens everywhere have come to know all too well: “OK, KAREN.”

Yes, it is their given name – but on the internet, “Karen” has come to stand for so much more.

According to a popular meme, Karen is a middle-aged white woman with an asymmetrical bob asking to speak to the manager, who happens to be as entitled as she is ignorant.

But as the meme has become more prominent in online discourse, its meaning has become confused, and criticism has been voiced that it is sexist – with real-life Karens caught in the crosshairs.

“I spend a lot of time on Twitter, so I find it rather annoying,” says Karen Geier, a writer and podcaster from Toronto. “Anything you say, people can be like, ‘OK, well, whatever, KAREN’ – but that’s not even how the meme is supposed to be used. It’s supposed to be about people who want to speak to the manager.” (by Published on Wed 13 May 2020 08.00 BST;

Hence, this pandemic revealed a lot of people’s true colors.

Can you handle their TRUE COLORS, Gorgeous? KARENs revealed!!!


By Justin Timberlake & Anna Kendrick  “True Colors” ost Trolls (I still loved the original version by Cyndi Lauper)

The Downsides of Being Gorgeous – The Latino Project

Show me a smile then
Don’t be unhappy
Can’t remember when
I last saw you laughing
This world makes you crazy
And you’ve taken all you can bear
Just call me up
‘Cause I will always be there

(lyrics from the song “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper)

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It’s a blast, Gorgeous! (Pause & Pray)

Beirut Explosion: Cause, Video - The Physics of Mushroom Clouds

As Death Toll Rises After Blast, a Search for Answers and Survivors: Live Updates

Rescue workers dug through rubble as fires continued to burn in Beirut, the Lebanese capital, where an explosion killed more than 100 and left tens of thousands homeless.


Lebanese officials knew of the dangers posed by the ammonium nitrate stored at the port for years, according to public records, but failed to act. (source:

Pray For Lebanon: Devastating Photos of Terror & Destruction ...

A lot is happening around the world, Gorgeous.  Early in the morning today, the news about the explosion in Beirut, Lebanon truly broke my heart.  My prayers to all the victims in this enormous blast particularly those who lost their lives and the injured.  Gorgeous, I encouraged to pause a minute and say your prayers for them. Take care, Gorgeous and be safe.

Naomi Campbell, Salma Hayek and Ariana Grande send prayers and ...

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Have you tasted a fine wine, Gorgeous?

How to Make a Good Investment in Fine Wine

What makes a fine wine, Gorgeous? (source:

A fine wine is what every gentleman craves as the centerpiece in the parlor or something to display and stock in the cellar.  The Premier cru supérieur is a pride of extravagance and excellence in taste. Moreover, how will you determine which one is the best wine  fitting for your palate that appeases your thirst, or alleviates your muscles?

Put in consideration that firstly, a fine wine is made from top quality grapes grown under excellent conditions. Next, the grapes are grown in a top-rated vineyard in a region known for producing quality wines. Third, the winemaker is at the top of his or her field. Lastly, the winery is one that consistently produces excellent wines. Have you sipped a glass of wine lately, Gorgeous? Will you try one?

Let’s think about  this day and age with what’s going on in the year double 20, do we still hunger for luxury or settle for what is fundamental? Your 20/20 vision is accurate in visualizing what you can perceive,  how about with what you can’t see? Are you really certain where are you heading?  Is it worth it?  Do you think the future is sharp with your choices now? Don’t ever say that I never reminded you that the wheel is turning, Gorgeous! How prepared are you to break your bones and crash your heart? Will it be the end of you?

Take Jack for instance in the movie “Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart”, Madeleine always reminded and warned him the restrictions of his heart.  However, he still pursued his desires only to lose the one who truly cared for him and mattered the most.  Was it Miss Acacia? Oh, Miss Acacia came all the way for his aid! Nonetheless, what truly broke Jack wasn’t the colliding jealousy and rage when Miss Acacia left with Jo.  In the end, Jack decided to climb the snowflakes to heaven rather than to be reunited with Miss Acacia because the death of the old Madeleine who stood by him through thick or thin shattered his heart a million times more than anything else.  Gorgeous, it isn’t always about the confetti and extravaganza of romantic love that slowly diminish in harsh circumstances and challenges of time.   Come on, my dearest Gorgeous! There’s always something greater other than the many options piled in front of you.  By this time, you should have known better that in the very long queue, the authentic gem isn’t in the line.

Let’s give an excuse for Jack because he has a mechanical heart.  How about you, Gorgeous? What’s your excuse for not distinguishing between fineness or not? Will all the maidens on your bed get better with age?  Will they still warm your cold nights when you turned to be strangers in the room and the paradise already hit rock bottom? Old Madeleine or Miss Sprite?

By Dionysos “Miss Sprite” ost Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart (Jack and Acacia duet)

I won’t let you stray
I’ll be your only guide
Let me be your pair of eyes
You’ll be my special flame

(from the lyrics “Miss Sprite” by Dionysos “Miss Sprite”  ost “Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart”)

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